Get the Most out of Spinbackup Free Trial

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5 Easy Steps to Get the Most out of Your Spinbackup Free Trial

When choosing a business partner for data protection, organizations should choose a reliable vendor they can trust with all of sensitive data. You need a data security custodian that can work for you around the clock. Spinbackup for G Suite is a business tool for G Suite Administrators that helps them protect corporate data against data loss and data leaks in the cloud and is controlled through a unified dashboard.

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Cybersecurity Landscape

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Cyber security landscape

Cyber crimes may target absolutely any person or organization that uses Internet. The only perfect solution to avoid an attack by a cyber criminal is to simply switch off your computer. However, both progressive business environments and modern lifestyles require a permanent presence on the web from organizations and individuals, and users have to increase their cyber security awareness, and this is where the Cybersecurity Landscape data will be helpful.

To give you the comprehensive picture of the cybersecurity world, we created simple but meaningful pictures followed by our security experts’ comments. We covered the cybersecurity landscape including the most high-profile cyber crime statistics: number of attacks, crime targets, cybersecurity spendings, and cyber risk management.

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Data Encryption for Cloud Backup Security

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Data Encryption - Cloud Security

In traditional on-site backup systems security is mainly a physical concern – ensuring data is backed up in more than one location in case of hardware loss or failure and restricting access to the physical backup media to only trusted employees.

In cloud backup, security concerns are different. In many cloud applications such as G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), Office 365 and Salesforce, data is created in the cloud and then copied to the backup provider. Cloud backup providers have their own security in place to ensure the security of the physical servers, but data may be vulnerable while it is in transit.

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Secure Your Data with Cloud Agnostic API-driven CASB

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Spinbackup’s API driven CASB, businesses can safely, effectively, and confidently utilize public cloud resource

Traditional security mechanisms in today’s hybrid network configurations are simply no longer effective as a means to secure communications and data for organizations. Today’s end user’s no longer fit the traditional work force coming from behind the same firewall, IP subnet, and crossing through the same firewall to get to the Internet/public cloud environments. Today’s highly mobile workforce make use of a variety of devices including a mix of BYOD devices as well as corporate issued devices. This creates the challenge of being able to secure data from these various endpoints as well as to apply various organizational policies so as to create a homogenous security posture across the board for various devices.

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Key Insights on Cybersecurity Risks for CEOs and Management Teams

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cyber risk management

Cybersecurity has long been mistakenly viewed as an information technology problem that was only the concern of skilled IT staff. The reality is that cybersecurity should be considered as part of core business concerns, strategy, and planning. This should include the attention of top level management. CEOs should be very concerned about cybersecurity in their organizations. Never before have businesses had more to lose when it comes to a cybersecurity breach.

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How to Backup and Recover Google Photos

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Google Photos Backup and Recovery

The first digital camera (1975), invented ironically enough by Eastman Kodak, weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg), had a resolution of 0.01 megapixels and took 23 seconds to take a black and white photo. The first production, digital camera didn’t hit the streets until 1990. Digital images now permeate our lives and a sizeable portion of those images are stored online, at the servers of Google Photos.

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Google Calendar Backup

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If you rely on Google Calendar to stay organized and productive, you can’t afford to be blocked from using it, ever.  But that happens more often than you’d expect, given the size and power of the Google company.  People  using Google Calendar to manage their workday and social lives, should regularly implement Google Calendar backup.

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