PostgreSQL & Spinbackup

One measure of success is being mentioned in the same breath with the World’s Most Advanced Open Source Database.

A second measure of success is being mentioned by

A short news release about Spinbackup has been published on the official site of , which describes several features and advantages of Spinbackup, the cloud-to-cloud backup service, providing 5GB of free cloud storage, flexible account upgrade model, iPhone/Android support, etc. 

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Algerian Cybercriminal Hacked Romanian Google, Yahoo!

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Softpedia News Center reported on November 28th, 2012, that the Romanian sites of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal , “Laboratory of Kaspersky” and others, were periodically unavailable. Users who wanted to visit their regional sites were redirected to a third-party site.  

An Algerian Hacker didn’t actually breach Yahoo or Google servers but instead, gained access to DNS servers and altered records such that visitors to or were redirected to his defacement page.

This hack is similar to what happened recently to the Pakistani sites of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, HP and Apple.
People were not able to get access to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft services.

Use Spinbackup and you will get double protection of your cloud data, plus you’ll be able to get your data regardless of the antics of cybercriminals

Happy backups!

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TRUSTe Approved Privacy Practices and Statement

Spinbackup is proud to announce that it has fulfilled the program requirements of TRUSTe and received the TRUSTe Web Privacy seal, a clear demonstration of our commitment to privacy for our customers and partners. TRUSTe backs up the integrity of their seal programs with their online Watchdog Dispute Resolution program, which enables users to hold TRUSTe clients, such as, fully accountable.
our customers can be sure they keep data in the right place!

See below an extract of the TRUSTe approval letter.:
After thorough review, TRUSTe has approved the privacy practices and
statement for Spinbackup. We are very pleased and honored to present
Spinbackup with a customized TRUSTe hosted HTML code, ready for
implementation! This code contains the TRUSTe seal and validation
page to clearly and proudly demonstrate your commitment to privacy,
to your customers and partners. It has been a sincere pleasure
working with you, not to mention, how excited we are to have you as
our newest seal holder! We look forward to seeing it displayed on
your site(s).”
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Data Protection Tips and Tricks

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Today let me discuss a problem that can happen with every Google user. The truth is that your Google account can be hacked by “bad guys” but developers from Google do a great work fighting with them every day.  No matter it is your personal account, where are kept only your private messages, or it is a business account where important business correspondence  with customers and partners is gathered. Let me review some of the most frequent motives.

Hackers may have different motives: someone wanted to read letters of his wife, someone wanted to get money for crack in order someone knows the names of clients of competing firm. They could delete your private messages, send out spam mail or make your messages public. The list of motives could be long. But the essence remains the same. So what to do? How can you get fully protected? There are three ways how to reduce the chance of losing data:

1. Valid e-mail account listed as your secondary account;
2. SMS;
3. Security Question
But no way guarantees you 100% secure. It just complicates hackers and sifts out amateurs.
That’s why I would recommend the fourth way – cloud data backup and recover. The main advantage of this method is even if you have been run into the hacker’s attack, all your data copied to another server, which nobody knows.  And the consequences of such an attack will be just a couple of extra clicks that would return everything in place. Please note, you can always recover your data using Spinbackup which provides free backup and restore service, and thanks to innovative technology of Google, it does not require to enter your Google password. It reduces the probability of intercept your password during the transferring over the network. So do not put yourself at a risk to lose all your data. Data Recovery made easy with SpinBackup!

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Chinese Government Has Blocked All Google Services

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On November 8, 2012 all Google (, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Drive) were blocked in China, according to  The Next Web.

From November 10th, the search began to work itself, but many services were not available yet, but began to recover.

It is associated with long dispute between Google and the Chinese government that has been going on for years.
At the time of access lockout attempt to go to all the domains,,,,, redirected to the Korean IP- address, which did not serve sites at all. An attempt to use an external DNS also did not work (for example, DNS of the Google).

While blocking of the search lasted about 12 hours itself, it was called the largest in the history of Internet.

What a pity, Chinese people have lost access to their data at Google. Using Spinbackup they would be safe since they can work with their Google data withing Spinbackup account!

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How To Protect Your Business From The Hurricane “Sandy” And “Nosister”?

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Super hurricane “Sandy”, “Nosister” and tsunami in Japan remind us that even with good people can be happened bad things, so we would like to give you an advice how to protect your business and keep it, if an unforeseen situation appears.

Remote Data Backup in the Cloud.
Data Backup is a good thing, but if your backed up hard drive is in the same place where the main computer is , there won’t be any  use in an emergency. If  your laptop or PC are destroyed, the data will be lost with it too. You need to store the data in a separate place and regularly update it to avoid this.
Today Spinbackup makes it possible  to do it free for Individual google users and for  a very reasonable price for users of Business Google Apps!
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Spinbackup Forum Has Been Launched!


We are thrilled to announce that our Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Forum has been launched. It contains three sections on the forum where you can leave your comments, questions or report bugs:
– Problems
– Suggestions

We would be happy to know your feedback because all what we do we do it for you. Join and feel free to share with us your ideas, problems and questions.

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Iran Internet Users Are No Longer Using Google and Gmail

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The protest has been triggered across the Muslim world over the anti-Islam film and in the reaction to it Iran has blocked access to Google and Gmail.
“Google and Gmail will be filtered throughout the country until further notice,” said Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, an Iranian official with the state-run body in charge of online censorship and computer crimes.
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Google makes Third-Party Apps More Secure

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OAuth 2.0 for GmailCurrently OAuth 2.0 is supported almost by all of Google’s APIs. This framework allows third-party apps limited access to your data from other services, as their standard authentication mechanism. Thanks to Google OAuth 2.0 is at a step further by bringing it to IMAP/SMTP and XMPP, the protocols that allow third-party access to Google services like Gmail and Google Talk.
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