Restore and Backup Deleted Google+ Photos

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Google Photos Backup and Recovery


The first digital camera (1975), invented ironically enough by Eastman Kodak, weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg), had a resolution of 0.01 megepixels and took 23 seconds to take a black and white photo. The first production, digital camera didn’t hit the streets until 1990. Digitial images now permeate our lives and a sizeable portion of those images are stored online, at the servers of Google+ Photos.

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Google Calendar Backup and Recovery

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Google Calendar Backup and Recovery

Google Calendar, since its initial release in April of 2006, has become the web standard for scheduling and being reminded about impending events. Your spouse’s, family,  friends’, & co-workers’ birthdays, anniversaries and other important milestones will never be forgotten.  Yes, with the help of Google Calendar, you can be the person that remembers.

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iPhone & Android Versions Have Been Officially Released


iPhone & Android Versions of SpinbackupWe are proud to announce, that our iOS and Android mobile apps are NOW available at Apple App Store and Google Play Market!

The Android and iPhone version of Spinbackup will help Android/iPhone users monitor their Spinbackups from their mobile devices. This app is a limited version, with an update in the very near future.

You can download and setup the Android application from the Google Play Market at

You can download and setup the iPhone application from the Apple App Store at
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Mobile Version Released

A new, simple mobile version has been developed for the convenience of Spinbackup users & can be found at
This application allows you easily follow the schedule of a backup’s execution plan and designate the schedule’s settings.  
Development for increased functionality is in progress.
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Spinbackup Has Been Officially Released!

Today we are pleased to inform that has been officially released!

It’s a free cloud backup service currently available for your business Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive and Docs, Picasa and more.

Spinbackup offers automated daily, weekly and monthly backups with one click restore in the cloud. Users can also configure which specific data items will be saved. It can be a full backup or backup only the specified folders (for example, only the folder “Inbox” of your mailbox). If a full backup is selected, only the missing data will be saved during the backup session.

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“TO BE OR NOT TO BE? That Is the Question!”


The Top 6 Reasons for Not using Spinbackup

  • You are not a Google user.
  • Losing data is your hobby.
  • Your dog already ate your computer, smart phone and tablet.
  • You’ve never sent or received an email in your entire life and the prospects are dim.
  • You trust hackers and cyber-criminals. A lot.
  • Your Karma is off the boards.  Nothing bad will ever happen to you. Forever & ever.
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PostgreSQL & Spinbackup

One measure of success is being mentioned in the same breath with the World’s Most Advanced Open Source Database.

A second measure of success is being mentioned by

A short news release about Spinbackup has been published on the official site of , which describes several features and advantages of Spinbackup, the cloud-to-cloud backup service, providing 5GB of free cloud storage, flexible account upgrade model, iPhone/Android support, etc. 

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