How to Recover Google Team Drives?

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google team drives backup recovery

Updated: August, 06, 2018
Spinbackup is the world’s first vendor to introduce Google Team Drives backup and recovery features. When Team Drives was officially launched in March, 2017, thousands of G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business and G Suite for Education organizations had the opportunity to try it, however there was no option to backup that data. Spinbackup comes to the rescue again, introducing Automated Daily Backup for Google Team Drives!

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Why Daily Third-Party Apps Audit is Important?

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Gooligan: Why It’s so Important to Audit Apps on a Daily Basis
The latest malware to hit Android users was discovered in the last week by the research team at cybersecurity firm, Check Point. Over 1 million Google accounts have been hacked by the malware to date and this figure is rising all the time, with an additional 13,000 affected devices being discovered every day.

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Third-Party Applications Audit

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One of the key features of Spinbackup for Business for G Suite is the third-party applications audit. It provides G Suite admins with a visual report allowing to monitor enterprise security of all third-party apps that have access to the company data stored in G Suite.

This transparency in company data security, both as an overview, and at app-level, allows a G Suite administrator to easily identify any security risks and remove the risks before they turn into big problems.

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G Suite Security Features for Data Leak Prevention

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Spinbackup Announces New G Suite Security Features for Data Leak Prevention

Public cloud security can be a very complex issue to address for organizations today. However, having the tooling and capabilities needed to both have the visibility to cybersecurity events and address these properly provides tremendous advantages for organizations utilizing public cloud resources. Google’s G Suite environment can be a powerful and robust platform for organizations today to be able to house business-critical resources and services for core daily operations. However, organizations must keep pace and maintain a proactive stance with all pertinent areas of protecting data and cybersecurity in general.

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tool

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Spinbackup DLP features

Your own employees may be a bigger risk to the security of your data than anything else. Data breaches are commonly caused by employees either maliciously (47% of employees think that someone in the company would steal company information) or unintentionally, because they don’t realize their actions may be putting company data at risk.

Over 70% of IT security professionals say that they are not confident that employee access to confidential files can be controlled and managed, and over half believe company insiders to be the major cause of data breaches.

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WannaCry Ransomware – a Call for Enhanced Cyber Hygiene

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Wannacry ransomware spinbackup

Only one week has passed after a mass phishing attack hit the Gmail users, and the world came under attack by a new global cyber threat called WannaCry ransomware. One month ahead – new victims of WannaCry appear: the Honda car plant and an Australian government contractor. These cloud ransomware attacks, as our security experts predict, might become the turning point for individuals and organizations all over the world in strengthening their overall cyber security.

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Disaster Recovery Plan for Enterprise

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Now we observe how businesses and non-profits are moving all of their valuable data to the cloud. Backup has already become their culture and savvy ones introduce CASB systems to protect their data from the most popular and dangerous cyber security risks. But since nobody knows what kind of new threat can occur, the only response remaining in case of a disaster is to follow a Disaster Recovery plan.

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Cyber Security Combo: Big Data, Machine Learning and AI

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Big Data Machine Learning AI Cyber Security

Organizations are having difficult times trying to keep up with the security levels needed to eliminate or at least minimize modern cyber security problems. As technologies evolve, so do the skills of cyber criminals. The main goal of advanced mechanisms to combat the growing numbers of attacks is to identify the weak points before the hackers do. From identity theft to credit card numbers being taken away, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence play an instrumental role in establishing new standards for cyber security. While the potential of Big Data is vast, it might lag behind as a standalone tool to deal with hackers due to the enormous volume of data to analyze. This is when machine learning becomes a missing piece of the puzzle that puts artificial intelligence in place to scale the use of big data by managing the insights coming from multiple sources with the help of the machines.

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