Cyber Security: Work From Home Best Practices

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Cyber Security: Work From Home Best Practices

Working from home has always been common, and now more companies than ever have to rely on remote workers. The cyber security aspect of working from home is extremely important, as cyber attacks are on the rise. Hackers exploit the transformation in the usual workflow to spread malware and steal users’ data.

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How to Backup Outlook Contacts?

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How to Backup Outlook Contacts

Backing up your Office 365 data is a great way to keep it safe. If you back up your contacts, you can always restore them in case of an emergency. Let’s take a look at two ways to backup Outlook Contacts: exporting a PST file and using backup software.

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How SpinOne Helps You To Meet HIPAA Compliance Requirements?

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HIPAA compliant cloud backup

Cloud security compliance is a serious challenge, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive data in healthcare. That leads organizations to look for HIPAA compliant cloud backup, antivirus, or data protection software to ensure the safety of vital information.

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15 Key Remote Work Tools for Remote Teams

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Key remote work tools for remote teams

The current situation with the coronavirus has suddenly forced companies to switch to remote work mode. For some, it might cause some headaches to maintain the same level of productivity for their remote teams during this period.

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Office 365 Phishing Email: How to Spot and How to Avoid the Damage

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Office 365 phishing emails

Hackers know it’s easier to trick an organization’s employees than to break through its security systems. Phishing is one of the hacker’s trickeries, often used to infect Office 365 (or other cloud services) with ransomware. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main phishing types, ways to detect them, and how to avoid the potential damage they can inflict.

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