Google Team Drives: 10 Benefits Every Enterprise Must Know

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Google Team Drives benefits

What is Google Team Drives?

Google Team Drives is a revolutionary user-centric enterprise storage management system designed with enterprise team collaboration patterns in mind. Digital technologies are continuously changing the way people work today. Innovation is in Google’s DNA, and by being focused on core business processes, the company has put over a thousand hours of the user experience research engineers into this. Imagine that there are nearly 800 million monthly active users of Drive with trillions of files stored on Google Drive, representing enterprises’ knowledge.

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What is CEO-fraud and How to Protect against It?

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How To Protect against CEO-fraud

Today’s businesses are more technology-centric than ever before. Most companies utilize technology-driven processes and services for day-to-day operations and business-critical systems. Especially when it comes to business communication, everyone is using technology to communicate. Email has been the preferred means of communication in the business environment for decades now and is still utilized heavily to provide communication both inside and outside of the organization.

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How to Implement an Ultimate SaaS Safety Plan

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How can organizations easily implement the required aspects of a SaaS safety plan?

Maintaining the availability to data and services are two of the most important technical feats that businesses today must achieve when protecting business-critical IT infrastructure. For decades, the traditional server backup has been protecting on-premises files, folders, and business applications for SMBs. As digital information and data have become an integral part of business operations for most organizations, protecting these digital resources is a mission-critical task that must be taken seriously.

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Gmail Backup Tool

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Gmail Backup by Spinbackup

Gmail is one of the most popular cloud-based email service, with over one billion monthly active users.

Gmail users like the service because it is easy to use, comes with a generous free data allowance, and integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and other Google Apps. However, some of these users take the necessary steps to ensure their emails and files within Gmail are backed up in the case of accidental data loss or a hacked account.

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Migration to Google Team Drives for Enterprise

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Enterprise Migration to Google Team Drives - Part I

Google Team Drives Best Practices

In today’s highly connected and collaborative world, organizations are recognizing the benefits of empowering employees and teams with the tools that make collaboration in this high-tech age possible. Many public cloud technology offerings help to eliminate the complexities of being able to allow team members to collaborate despite different geographical locations, sites, or other physical boundaries. Shared storage became a staple for organizations of every size. Google Team Drives is one of the premier collaboration cloud storage spaces.

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G Suite Security Best Practices for G Suite Backup

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cloud backup best practices

When thinking about G Suite security best practices, many things come to mind. However, backups may not be readily considered when moving core enterprise applications into cloud-computing scenario. Backups of cloud data should be considered crucial to the overall security strategy of organizations with hybrid cloud or native public cloud business-critical applications, data, and infrastructure. An organization today who thinks they will never need to protect or recover public cloud data is simply not living in reality.

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