SOC 2 Compliance Checklist

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SOC 2 compliance checklist and guide

SOC 2 is required for companies that store or process sensitive information. So if your company is a SaaS or cloud services provider, you’ll need to be SOC 2 compliant. Besides, achieving a SOC 2 certification is a good business practice that proves your company’s reliability and commitment to data security.

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CCPA Compliance Checklist and Requirements

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CCPA Compliance Checklist: Step-by-Step Guide

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) took effect in 2020. This means that if you are a company that somehow interacts with personal data of California residents, it’ time for your business to iron out your CCPA compliance strategies. Otherwise, you are at risk of being fined from $2500 up to $7500 for each violation of the law.

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What is Shadow IT and Why is It the Biggest Cybersecurity Risk?

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Shadow IT: Definition, Risks, Solution

Shadow IT is an emerging threat to your business, especially as organizations migrate to the cloud and embrace the application age in all its glory. 

What is shadow IT? How does it pose a risk to your business and your data in the cloud? What can your organization do to effectively stop the threat that shadow IT poses to your environment? Let’s take a closer look.

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SOX Compliance Checklist and Requirements

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SOX compliance audit: how to prepare for it

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, also known as SOX compliance, is a set of legal requirements for companies. Ultimately, the goal of this compliance is to prevent fraud or misinterpretations in financial reporting. This act emerged as a response to financial scandals and the losses they have caused.

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What is Cloud to Cloud Backup and How Is It Different?

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What is Cloud to Cloud Backup

You and your business are now using the powerful world of cloud storage and cloud applications. Naturally, you show interest in cloud-to-cloud backup and try to understand the pros and cons of this venture for your business. 

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