Cloud Security Checklist

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Cloud Security Checklist. Everything CSO needs to know

With droves of today’s organizations moving to cloud environments at a rapid pace, there is no question that cloud infrastructure is a viable solution for today’s production workloads. The cloud has certainly matured as a platform and solution for today’s business-critical applications. Organizations have chosen to run not only production virtual machines on top of cloud infrastructure, but also business services such as email and file storage. The cloud revolution has brought about significant changes in the way that businesses today think about provisioning infrastructure. It has also changed the methodologies used in traditional infrastructure that exists on-premises.

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7 Things a Perfect G Suite Admin Should Do

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things a perfect g suite admin should do

Among the vast and user-friendly Google ecosystem, lies the G Suite. This is mainly a collection of Google apps and tools used for collaboration, communication and also to enhance productivity. For the cloud computing Google domain to be productive, collaboration must be managed. As a result, this suite provides Google admin tools for effective management.

To become a perfect G Suite Admin, one must follow the G Suite best practices which ensure a steady and continuous workflow; especially the best practices that ensure data security. To illustrate, the CIA triad should never be breached. If you’re intrigued, read on to learn more about the portrait of a perfect G Suite admin.

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Migrating from On Premise to Google G Suite

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Migrating form on premise to g suite

Organizations today are certainly looking to migrate to public cloud services. The overall numbers of businesses moving to public cloud infrastructure and services is staggering and that trend is still progressing. While the “death of the corporate datacenter” has not entirely happened and may not happen completely, public cloud environments are being utilized and utilized heavily by today’s businesses.

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CASB: Decisive Role of Cloud Access Security Brokers

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The importance of Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) grows as businesses rapidly adopt new cloud collaboration technologies and platforms. Enterprise security professionals need to thoroughly assess the risks, communicate those to business leaders, and develop practical cybersecurity, risk management, and compliance strategies to build a secure and resilient digital business environment. Cloud computing has fundamentally transformed the business paradigm: according to Morgan Stanley 2016 CIO Survey, 30% of all applications will be migrated to the Public Cloud by 2018.

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Office 365 Security Concerns

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Microsoft has come a long way in providing security for Office 365 customers looking to bolster office 365 security.

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most powerful business productivity suites housed in the public cloud today. Many businesses today are either already running business-critical services and applications in Microsoft’s Office 365 environment or they are considering the move from on-prem to public cloud by way of Office 365. Office 365 certainly touts some really great benefits for organizations looking to move to the public cloud. As with any technology solution used for business today, it must be scrutinized for any potential security risks.

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Cyber Security Awareness and Risk Management

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Cyber Security Awareness

In this article we will learn how to address and effectively respond to major enterprise cybersecurity threats and provide tips to mitigate IT security risk. Today, cyber security incidents lead to significant damage, alarming organizations of all types and  sizes in different geographic locations. In 2017 the following primary sectors, increasingly turning to cloud, file-sharing services, and big data technology, top the list of  the most high-target industry verticals vulnerable to cyber-attacks:

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Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365

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Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365

Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365

Businesses moving to the public cloud today look for powerful solutions that allow them to be more mobile, agile, and technology progressive than keeping infrastructure only in on-premise datacenters. There are certainly many options available to organizations today. Organizations comparing different public cloud vendors have to consider and weigh out the services offered as well as the cost for those services as one cloud provider may align more closely to the business needs and objectives than another cloud provider.

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Ultimate Guide for Cloud Apps Audit for Education

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Ultimate Guide for Cloud Apps Audit for G Suite for Education

There is arguably no organization today that isn’t at least considering hosting business services in the public cloud. Cloud has revolutionized the way businesses thinking about their infrastructure. With little time and effort organizations can provision powerful and even complex systems. Public cloud has revolutionized processes and procedures for IT admins who are tasked with provisioning, configuring, and managing organization infrastructure. Additionally, organizations are able to take advantage of the wide range of third-party extensions that are available in public cloud environments by way of apps to extend functionality and features within the cloud.

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10 Mobile Encryption Apps for Digital Privacy Protection

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top 10 mobile encryption apps

When you use your mobile device, you expect some level of privacy. It’s difficult to have an honest conversation or send a straightforward text message if you believe all of your intimate communications and images will be shared with strangers. The digital world we live in comes with many drawbacks in terms of electronic privacy and security.

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Risks of Relying on a Sole Cloud Service Provider

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What are the risks of relying on a sole cloud service provider

Organizations today have no end of choices when it comes to managing, maintaining, and protecting their data. The variety of choices and solutions that businesses today have available have only since expanded in recent years with the exploding cloud marketspace. Numerous cloud offerings from various companies vouch to house your business’s data. There are many different factors that may lead to an organization choosing a particular cloud provider over another. Services and offerings from one public cloud vendor may more closely align with the true business needs of an organization. Pricing and other factors also weigh into the picture. Where production data is stored is only part of the equation.

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