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Ransomware Recovery: How to Restore Google Workspace and Office 365 Data in Several Hours

Multilayered security of cloud offices has proven inefficient against social engineering techniques. Both Google Workspace and Office 365 are defenseless once ransomware gets access to the cloud from your own employees. Furthermore, ransomware recovery with legacy tools in cloud office suites takes over 20 days on average due to API limits.

That’s why we’ve built one last layer of defense – SpinOne.

Its patented AI-based technology can detect ransomware within half an hour and recover in up to two hours depending on the type of ransomware. It works non-stop, independently, and no human supervision is required.

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How to Recover from Ransomware

Both Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 don’t have data backups. They consider ransomware protection to be the business’s responsibility. Despite the available anti-spam filters in email, phishing messages get through to your employees.

When ransomware infects your cloud office suite, here are some basic steps you can do:

1. Look for the source of the ransomware attack and disable it

In most cases, it will be a program that has OAuth access to your Office 365 or Google Workspace with editing permissions. Disable the access to stop the attack.

2. Check if the versions of files have been encrypted too

Older strains of ransomware didn’t encrypt file versions. However, this tactic doesn’t really help with encrypted emails or contacts.

3. Look for decryption keys online

Some organizations collect historical data about ransomware along with decryption keys and provide it for free. You might get lucky and they’ll have the remedy for the strain that infected your cloud office.

4. Use a backup to restore

Ransomware Recovery: How to Restore Google Workspace and Office 365 Data in Several Hours

If you have a backup, you can restore the data from it. This method, however, has a significant drawback. Because of the API limits, your files will be restored for days or even weeks. The bigger your storage is, the longer it will take.

SpinOne has a solution to this problem:

Ransomware Recovery with SpinOne (step-by-step + video)

The tools available on the market use either signature or abnormal traffic to identify ransomware. Both methods have significant drawbacks like the inability to detect new types of malware or an excessive number of false positives. That’s why they don’t provide full-fledged protection.

Unlike other solutions, SpinOne uses a unique technology for ransomware detection and elimination. Its AI monitors cloud offices by analyzing their event logs and mapping the file behavior. It then uses artificial intelligence to compare the current behavioral patterns with what it “saw” in the past.

When ransomware hits your cloud, SpinOne detects abnormalities and stops the attack immediately.

ransomware recovery

Let’s take a look at its work step by step:

Stage 1 – Monitoring

SpinOne monitors the Google Workspace and Office 365 24/7, looking for suspicious activities in files.

Stage 2 – Attack termination

Once an abnormal behavior is detected, SpinOne identifies the source of the attack. Next, it revokes the access of the ransomware to your cloud office suite, thereby stopping the attack.

Stage 3 – Disaster Recovery

At this stage, SpinOne scans cloud services like mailboxes or drives to detect infected files and emails. Finally, it uses its own backup to make a granular restoration of the infected files to their previous versions.

In the videos below, our Product Manager, Davit Asatryan, explains how SpinOne detects and fights ransomware in cloud office suites:

1. Google Workspace:

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2. Office 365:

Benefits of SpinOne Ransomware Protection and Recovery for Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365

Reduce downtime.

Ransomware elimination and recovery take up to 120 minutes vs. at least several days of ransomware recovery time for other solutions or months for a tool’s absence.

Improve the efficiency of SecOps.

A fully automated process requires minimal supervision by your SecOps team. Instead, they can focus on planning and achieving strategic goals.

Decrease the costs of an attack by over 90%.

With SpinOne’s immediate response, companies don’t have to pay a ransom, stop their business operations or face lawsuits due to non-compliance.

Secure your cloud office suite with round-the-clock anti-ransomware protection and fastest recovery

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