The List of Recent Cyberattacks - July 2021

The Most Recent Cyberattacks – July 2021


Many companies do not perceive cyber incidents as likely events. Such perception creates a false sense of security and causes inevitable mistakes. In the present article, we’ll list the recent cyberattacks on companies. Its purpose is to demonstrate the likelihood of adverse cyber events and their possible outcomes.

Recent Cyberattacks of Q2, 2021

Microsoft’s SMB protocol vulnerability

In June, over 2,000 entities from the United States Vietnam, and India suffered a cyberattack that exploited Microsoft’s vulnerability. These are mostly health, tourism, communications, and education organizations. The cybercriminals used about 1,300 locations to carry out the attack. They acquired unauthorized access to the servers and stole multiple data entries to sell both access and information on Dark Web.

Ransomware infects companies through their IT management system

A group of hackers managed to breach an IT company Kaseya and compromise one of their main applications VSA. As a result, over 200 US companies and up to 1,500 businesses around the world suffered the attack with their data being decrypted. The criminals demand $70 million in bitcoin in exchange for the decryption key. President Joe Biden intervened to investigate the case.

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Cyberattack on US critical infrastructure

Criminals infected the system of Colonial Pipeline with ransomware. This event disrupted the company’s operation wreaking havoc in the country. Despite safety precautions, many end users tried to buy as much gasoline as possible storing it in unsafe containers. The company had to pay $4.4M ransom.