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Spin Technology Releases Office 365 Ransomware Protection!

The worldwide cost of ransomware attacks is predicted to reach $20 billion by 2021.

Ransomware targets everyone: individual users, small businesses, enterprise environments, and even government organizations. If you are not protected with the newest software, there is no way to escape that.

To make things worse, you can’t prevent ransomware attacks with standard means like antivirus software in 100% cases anymore. Ransomware strains get more and more evasive, which allows them to avoid getting detected by most antiviruses.

Ransomware authors are coming up with sophisticated social engineering tactics to steal confidential information, personal data, access credentials to restricted resources, and information that has commercial value.

That is why Spin Technology (Spinbackup), a cloud-to-cloud backup and cybersecurity solutions provider, released Ransomware Protection for Office 365!

The launch of the Office 365 Ransomware Protection solution is a part of our continuous mission to provide clients with access to high-performance cloud backup and security technologies.

The new product will help to combat ransomcloud – a new type of ransomware, designed to infect cloud environments, such as Office 365 and G Suite.

Spin Technology’s solution is a helping hand for:

1. Office 365 administrators, looking for a seamless, easy-to-use, automatical ransomware protection service;

2. Business owners, who need to protect their company from data losses and prevent losing money and clients’ trust;

3. CISOs, who seek a solution that will help their companies to comply with data protection regulations.

Our new Ransomware Protection for Office 365 is a unique product that, together with Office 365 Backup and Recovery solution, will offer you an advanced toolset for protecting Office 365 data.

To counter the ransomware threat, the new solution will provide Spin Technology clients with advanced security features:

  • Fully automated 24/7 protection.
  • Detection of the ransomware attack source.
  • Identification of the damaged (encrypted) files.
  • Granular recovery from the last successfully backed up version.
  • Email notifications and detailed reports in case of an attack.

Ransomware protection for Office 365

New ransomware detection interface

Backed up data is stored using cloud providers of the user’s choice: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure.

We designed the new O365 protection to not only be a reliable security tool but intuitive and easy-to-use as well. This is what, among other features, makes our service so irreplaceable for Office 365 administrators.

About Spin Technology

Spin Technology (Spinbackup) is a San Francisco based cybersecurity and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions provider for SaaS data, and a vendor in the API-based CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) space. Spin Technology has been providing SaaS data protection solutions since 2016.

Spin Technology helps more than a million corporate and individual users all around the world protect their data. The company provides data loss protection for over 3500 organizations of all sizes.

Spin Technology focuses on Office 365 and G Suite data protection, providing backup and cloud security for both SaaS solutions. We are also an official partner of Google Cloud, a partner of Microsoft, and an advanced technology partner of Amazon.

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