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SPIN Token Starts Bounty Program

SPIN Token Starts Bounty Program


Spinbackup Bounty Program

Spinbackup offers a program for participants to implement one or more of the following activities in any of the languages listed below.

  1. Translation of the Whitepaper including all of the following:
    1. posting the translation on the regional thread on BitcoinTalk, and
    2. further post updates within the thread, and
    3. moderation of the publication’s discussion, including answering questions regarding the document;
  2. Translation of our original post on BitcoinTalk announcing the Token Launch including all of the following:
    1. posting the translation on the regional thread on BitcoinTalk,
    2. further post updates within the thread, and
    3. moderation of the publication’s discussion (including answering questions regarding the document);
  3. Translation of our original post on BitcoinTalk announcing the Token Launch including all of the following:
    1. posting the translation on the most popular Blockchain forum in your region,
    2. further post updates within the thread, and
    3. moderation of the publication’s discussion (including answering questions regarding the document);
  4. Translation of the FAQ including all of the following:
    1. posting the translation on the regional thread on BitcoinTalk,
    2. further post updates within the thread, and
    3. moderation of the publication’s discussion (including answering questions regarding the document)

Deadline and status

Each activity can be implemented only once and after that is no longer eligible for bounty. We strongly recommend to contact us at token-bounty@spinbackup.com to confirm your participation.

  1. Current application deadline is October 1, 2017 or until activity is already has been taken.
  2. You may reserve all four or just some of the activities in language of your choice. Priority consideration will be given to participants who reserve all four activities to maintain integrity of translation.
  3. You can check current allocations by clicking here. We may register more than 1 (one) person for activity, in the backup role, in case the primary assignee is unable to complete his/her activity.
  4. If your activity couldn’t be completed, it’s ineligible for bounty. Neither partial bounty payments nor credits would be applied.

Who is eligible to participate in the bounty program?

Any blockchain enthusiast can participate in the Bounty program meeting following minimum requirements:

  • you must be a native speaker in the language of your choice
  • you must be fluent in English
  • your account on BitcoinTalk must be over 12 months old
  • you must have no less than 50 posts on BitcoinTalk (both original posts and comments)
  • you are familiar with blockchain technology, and
  • previous participation in other bounty programs is strongly preferred.

How to register?

Deadline for registration is October 1, 2017 or until the activity has been claimed. All requests have to be submitted in English.

Follow this link to submit your information.

We will respond within 7 days on your request status. When you activity is confirmed, you may start working on your chosen activity. We may also invite you to an invitation only Telegram group to collaborate with other participants and team members.

Bounty schedule

Base reward schedule:

  • Whitepaper translation is 150 tokens
  • FAQ translation is 150 tokens
  • BitcoinTalk and regional forum is 100 tokens each

The following list of languages gets the highest priority and will accrue addition bonus doubling the reward (e.g. white paper reward is 300, instead of 150).

  1. Chinese
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. Italian
  5. French
  6. Portuguese
  7. Japanese

Your BitcoinTalk account status will make you eligible for additional bonus reward.

  • Hero/Legendary is an additional 25%
  • Sr. Member is 20%
  • Full Member is 15%
  • Member is 10%
  • Jr. Member is 5%
  • User is an additional 1%

To enjoy additional bonus, token signature must be included on all posts. If, at any time during program participation, signature cannot be verified, this will make participant ineligible for additional bonus reward.


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, we’ll be happy to help!

List of eligible languages

List of languages selected for translation:

  1. Chinese
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. Japanese
  5. Italian
  6. French
  7. Portuguese
  8. Arabic
  9. Bulgarian
  10. Croatian
  11. Czech
  12. Dutch
  13. Greek
  14. Hebrew
  15. Hindi
  16. Indonesian
  17. Turkish
  18. Korean
  19. Malay
  20. Polish
  21. Romanian
  22. Russian
  23. Serbian
  24. Swedish
  25. Thai
  26. Vietnamese

While this list of languages is not final and may change, there is no guarantee for inclusion of any other languages, or they might get de-prioritized due to demand. Email us if you have any questions.

Terms of the program

  • Payment will be made only in SPIN tokens
  • Any region or translation may have one or more registrants
  • Total bounty fund is not to exceed 25,000 tokens
  • Maximum payment amount is capped at 1,250 per individual
  • Program results will be announced within thirty (30) days from completion of the Token Launch period
  • Calculation of reward and vesting is subject to verification of adherence to program rules, and verifiable and approved completion of all committed activities
  • Reward distribution will be included into the closing batch of tokens distribution following Token Launch completion
  • You must make at least two (2) posts every week that mentions SPIN token and/or company
    • Post must be meaningful or answer a question in a meaningful way
    • Posting SPAM, off-topic, offensive or any other context that may affect brand recognition and reputation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated
    • Posting on the original thread as discouraged as we need your help in connecting with people who are not familiar with SPIN, yet
  • To receive reward, you must maintain active participation until the end of the Token Launch plus five (5) days
  • Negative trust score on the participant’s profile will make you ineligible for the reward
  • Multiple accounts registrations are not allowed, and intentional account cloning might make all account ineligible for the reward


Violation of any of the below rules will result in the participant’s expulsion (ban) from the Bounty program. No tokens will accrue in full or partially to ineligible and banned participants.

  • Google Translate and other automated and non-human translation tools or services may not be used
  • BitcoinTalk posts must be published from the same account you’ve specified in your application
  • Every posted and uploaded content shall remain publicly accessible the end of the Token Launch plus 90 (ninety) days
  • No tampering with the meaning of texts and posts, no abridging of information or any other structural or conceptual changes are allowed
  • Any translation of the original posts or announcements must be regularly reviewed and updated  to match the meaning and messaging of the original document
  • FAQ updates must be tracked and its translation must be updated accordingly
  • Questions posted under the published translations must be promptly answered. You may solicit help with an answer from your fellow participants or us directly.
  • If you reserved the activity but failed to complete it within seven (7) days we will cancel your reservation and pass the assignment on to another participant. You might no longer be eligible to participate in the program.


When publishing translations of longer documents (white paper or FAQ), the translation must be posted on a separate and dedicated resource, and the post must contain links to the translation. Source English documents to be used:

  • Original blog post (BBCode format)
  • Original white paper copy
  • Original FAQ copy
  • Source post images, logos and graphical assets

Examples of BitcoinTalk regional threads

Examples of regional forums

Please note that any regional forum for posting the translation has to be approved with us in advance, prior to posting. (Even if they are listed above)

Examples of regional threads on global forums

Other questions

I signed for more activities that I can accomplish

We understand that your work may be affected by other commitments, so as long as you promptly contact us and update within reasonable time frame (generally seven (7) days from application approval), you will get partial credit for completed work, and incomplete one will be reassigned to a different applicant

Is it acceptable to use an announcement, post or any other message on a social media site or in the messenger, instead of a forum post?

No, it is not. We’ve identified forums as critical for raising awareness about our program, so use of any other media or channel will not be accepted as completed activity. Unfortunately, we also have no bandwidth to validate other media channels.

May I post in several regional forums?

Yes, we encourage and appreciate spreading the word, but we are unable to count this activity as eligible. Our reward program may only cover posts on the most popular blockchain forum in your region.

What will happen if two participants complete the same activity, such as publish a post on the regional forum?

Only one program participant may be assigned to a particular activity at any given time. Bounty program participants have to reserve the activity in advance.

Do you count activities on global forums which have regional threads?

Yes, it counts for countries which do not have their own national forums. If such forum exists, we prefer to have the post published there. When in doubt, contact us for review and confirmation of your choice.

What do I do if there is no local blockchain forum in my region?

Contact us. Generally, in that case you can publish a post in the regional thread of the global forum. However, it is important to get confirmation first.

How do I report on my activity progress?

First of all, make sure that you are indeed the person assigned to complete the translation. Second, send an email to us with links to posts you have made, your BitcoinTalk username and any comments.

What do I do if I need more content?

If you need more content or links to translation of white paper and FAQ for your regional thread on BitcoinTalk or blockchain forum in your region, please contact us, and we’ll either provide you with content or put in touch with translation assignee.


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