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Spinbackup Buzz – March, 2013 Major Update

Spinbackup Buzz – March, 2013 Major Update
Today Spinbackup includes updates which provide Google Apps users additional flexibility:

1) System performance optimization and improvement have been updated. Now backups are executed faster and more users can simultaneously backup.

2) Spinbackup front end area has been revamped and got new design style. Site navigation got better.

3) Daily email report has been redesigned as well. Now it shows errors, number of backup executions per perriod, number of successfully backed up items. There is an ability to unsubscribe.

4) Google Drive backup now works with folders! Spinbackup now preserves and restores your folder hierarchy for your Google Drive, so if you backup Google Drive account data, you will have all of the contents grouped into their original folders and subfolders. If you recover your entire Google Drive account, Spinbackup will restore & maintain the folder structure and hierarchy accordingly.

5) Google Picasa backup optimization has been completed. Now backup of your Picasa images and movies works much more faster.

6) Several minor bug fixes. 


1) Google contacts backup.

2) User profile improvements.

3) Multi language interface.

4) Backup Calendar’s snapshots.

Happy Backups!
The Spinbackup Team

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