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Spinbackup Cloud Storage Announces a Price Reduction!

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Spinbackup Cloud Storage Announces a Price Reduction!
Spinbackup was launched only two months and new accounts are being opened every day.  We are very pleased that you appreciate our hard work as demonstrated with your reviews, comments and the steady increase in the number of active users.  More users allows us to continue to improve the efficiency of the services and lower our costs.

Our New Year’s Resolution is to do our best to delight you with exciting & easy to use features that will expand Spinbackup’s day to day usefulness. We’ve been hard at work and as a result of our increased user base, have been able to enhance the efficiency of the storage engine. As a New Year’s present, we’d like to pass on this improvement to you and Announce a 25% price reduction (effective December 20th, 2012).  Once again, this reduction is directly related to the number of new users, so  please don’t hesitate to tell your family, friends and co-workers about the service.

The Spinbackup team wishes all of its members Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the New Year continue to bring you confidence that all of your data and digital assets are safely stored at Spinbackup. We hope you’ll never need to use the button “Restore All”!

Enjoy new prices and Happy Holidays!

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