How SpinOne Helped Gurnick Academy Protect Study Materials From Ransomware: Case Study

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a California-based private college that offers quality health and nursing programs that integrate professional skills, career-focused education, and hands-on practice, empowering students to develop and achieve their personal and career potentials.

The Challenge: Protect the Academy Materials From Ransomware Attacks

In higher education, instructors can spend 16-24 hours designing a new lecture. This cost translates to around $800-$1,200 per lecture. An average instructor prepares about 30 lectures during the school year, which accounts for anywhere between $30,000 to a million dollars. 

The protection of these prepared materials and tasks for dozens of classes is a top priority and a massive challenge for educational organizations. Now more than ever, public and private educational organizations are experiencing ransomware attacks at an accelerated pace. Many of these organizations use Google Workspace and store files in Google Drive. With Google Drive sync running, files on local computers and in the cloud can be easily exposed.

Gurnick Academy’s needs:

  1. Proactive Ransomware detection;
  2. Speedy disaster recovery capability to protect against data loss;
  3. Auditing capability to monitor against compliance breaches.

“Given that many ransomware forms are not viruses but Trojans, conventional antivirus tools are unable to detect the ransomware attack. At Gurnick, we are committed to taking proactive measures that ensure all our students and staff are fully protected. This is why we selected Spin Technology as the solution for our organization,”

Val Pashchenko, IT manager at Gurnic Academy.

The Solution: How SpinOne Helped Gurnik Academy

Spin Technology provides the following functionality:

  • Automated cloud-to-cloud backup solution
  • 24×7 Ransomware monitoring
  • Advanced cybersecurity capabilities to monitor and manage third-party applications

Thanks to the proprietary algorithms in SpinOne, Gurnick’s administrators have the confidence that their sensitive files are protected. Should the exposure occur, Spin will immediately notify them and provide the first line of defense to stop the attack and eliminate any spread. SpinOne operates fully automatically, saving time and costs and allowing the organization to invest in growth and quality education for its students.

To find out how SpinOne can secure your business, see it in action!

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