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Google Drive Encryption: All You Should Know

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How to Encrypt Files on Google Drive

Storing information, including sensitive information in the public cloud can be worrisome for businesses. Countless news headlines of data leakage and privacy violations continue to rock businesses in a wide range of industries and technology spaces.

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10 Mobile Encryption Apps for Digital Privacy Protection

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top 10 mobile encryption apps

When you use your mobile device, you expect some level of privacy. It’s difficult to have an honest conversation or send a straightforward text message if you believe all of your intimate communications and images will be shared with strangers. The digital world we live in comes with many drawbacks in terms of electronic privacy and security.

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Data Encryption for Cloud Backup Security

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Data Encryption - Cloud Security

In traditional on-site backup systems security is mainly a physical concern – ensuring data is backed up in more than one location in case of hardware loss or failure and restricting access to the physical backup media to only trusted employees.

In cloud backup, security concerns are different. In many cloud applications such as G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), Office 365 and Salesforce, data is created in the cloud and then copied to the backup provider. Cloud backup providers have their own security in place to ensure the security of the physical servers, but data may be vulnerable while it is in transit.

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