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How to Migrate G Suite Data After an Employee Leaves

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How to use G Suite data migration service

third part of all former employees retains access to the company data after they leave. Why? Because of incompetent offboarding. Often G Suite admins don’t bother to migrate data from Google accounts of leaving employees and delete the accounts. In 2018 Coca-Cola suffered from a massive data breach from its former employee that affected 8000 workers. Coca-Cola survived this, but when something similar happens to a small or medium business, the consequences can be disastrous.

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How to Prevent Data Leaks When an Employee is Leaving

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spinbackup CASE STUDY how to prevent data leaks

One of our customers, a company that is the leading CRM solutions provider, facing a problem when an employee left the company and tried to get access to corporate data. Thanks to Spinbackup’s innovative security tools, the company could securely transfer the employee’s data to another account to be managed and monitor the employee’s behavior until his departure.

Dealing properly with departing employees is important for any business to prevent data leaks, particularly if that employee has had access to sensitive corporate data.

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How to Migrate Google Data between Accounts

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How to Migrate Google Data from One Google Account to Another One

There exists a number of occasions, when the need for such service arises, so our platform is the easiest solution for that task.

Spinbackup provides a secure solution for efficient Google data migration between accounts. Migration is currently available for Individual Google users and G Suite organizations that are looking for secure transfers of all their Google Drive files, Gmail messages, Hangouts chats, Google Contacts and Google Calendars data from one Google account to another. Please, note that this feature is available for paid account users only and don’t forget to upgrade your Spinbackup account after free trial.

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Cloud-to-Cloud Migration: How to Detect Security Issues

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The cloud computing boom has brought many benefits to businesses regarding increased productivity and easier accessibility to corporate online systems. Unfortunately, it has also introduced some new security concerns and an increase in the number of data breaches that occur each year.

The main reason for this is that cloud services make it much easier to access and share data from outside the organization. In a traditional computing model, data breaches are most commonly caused by stolen hardware or a malicious attack on company systems. Data breaches from the cloud may simply be caused by a careless employee sharing files with the wrong person.

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