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Google Team Drives: 10 Benefits Every Enterprise Must Know

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Google Team Drives benefits

What is Google Team Drives?

Google Team Drives is a revolutionary user-centric enterprise storage management system designed with enterprise team collaboration patterns in mind. Digital technologies are continuously changing the way people work today. Innovation is in Google’s DNA, and by being focused on core business processes, the company has put over a thousand hours of the user experience research engineers into this. Imagine that there are nearly 800 million monthly active users of Drive with trillions of files stored on Google Drive, representing enterprises’ knowledge.

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Migrating to Google Team Drives

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Enterprise Migration to Google Team Drives - Part II
In the previous article, we took a look at Google Team Drives benefits, what are they, and the value they bring to organizations wanting to take advantage of today’s powerful collaboration tools for employees.  We started looking at a few best practices organizations can use to outline a migration to Team Drives, and how can they begin to perform the initial evaluation of resources to migrate.  

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How to Recover Google Team Drives?

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google team drives backup recovery

Updated: August, 06, 2018
Spinbackup is the world’s first vendor to introduce Google Team Drives backup and recovery features. When Team Drives was officially launched in March, 2017, thousands of G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business and G Suite for Education organizations had the opportunity to try it, however there was no option to backup that data. Spinbackup comes to the rescue again, introducing Automated Daily Backup for Google Team Drives!

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