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G Suite Security: Insider Threat Detection

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Not all security threats come from outside your organization. Employees are a leading cause of data breaches according to a 2016 report by Experian. In this report, over half the companies surveyed said they had suffered a security incident or data breach due to a malicious or negligent employee.

Some employee security risks can be dealt with through staff training and the implementation of security policies; for example, ensuring all users on the system are educated in password security and follow the company’s BYOD policy. Moreover, it is important to plan a secure employee exit beforehand.

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G Suite for Education: Ransomware Protection Case

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Ransomware Case StudyGurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a private nursing school in California with around 400 employees and over 2,000 students.

A few months ago the school faced a data loss disaster caused by Ransomware when an instructor inadvertently infected his classroom computer with the virus that had been brought from home on a USB drive. When the instructor tried to access his lectures, he found that all the files had been encrypted. Instead he was faced with a note from ransomware criminals demanding 1 bitcoin ($740) to decrypt the files.

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