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OneDrive Ransomware: What You Don’t Know, But Should

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OneDrive ransomware

Saving files to OneDrive is convenient and easy. That convenience, though, misleads uninformed users into thinking that OneDrive can be treated as some ransomware-proof backup.

The false feeling of safety quickly makes you careless, which might result in OneDrive ransomware infection corrupting valuable data on your drive.

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Office 365 Email Backup: Why Opt For a Cloud Service

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Office 365 email backup

So you are on the crossroad deciding which one of the Office 365 backup solutions would be better for saving users’ emails. On the one hand, there are solid on-premises solutions that proved themselves as a reliable long-term investment. On the other hand, there are easy-to-use and broadly discussed cloud backup services.

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Should You Backup Office 365?

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Should You Backup Office 365

Short answer: Yes. You need to backup Office 365 data to keep it secure. Now let’s see why.

Despite Microsoft’s advanced security features, data loss happens. There are many reasons behind data loss: external threats, accidental data deletion, and more.

The cost of data loss may reach millions of dollars. Your company needs to keep its vital data secure to avoid financial and reputational risks. Office 365 doesn’t back up your data fully to protect it. And here is the proof.

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How to Recover Deleted Items in Office 365

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How to restore deleted files in Office 365

If you are here, you’ve probably deleted an Outlook email or attached file. No worries, we’ll show you how to recover deleted items in Office 365.

There are several ways to do that. These ways are Recovery from Deleted Items, Recovery from Recoverable Items, Recover Office 365 deleted items as an Admin. We’ll give a step-by-step guide for each of them.

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Office 365 Migration to G Suite: Steps to Take

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Office 365 Migration to G Suite: Steps to Take

The number one reason why companies chose to migrate from Office 365 to G Suite is mobility. The future way of getting things done demands high speed and painless usage. The fewer actions you need to take to achieve the result, the better. And G Suite tends to cope with that better than Office 365.

This is why about 5 million businesses have adopted G Suite as their productivity tool in 2019. Most of them are small and medium companies who need to make their work more mobile and decentralized.

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Closing Office 365 Security Gaps with Spinbackup

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Closing Office 365 Security Gaps with Spinbackup

As discussed in the previous post concerning Office 365 Security Concerns, while Microsoft has made strides in the realm of security in Office 365, gaps in security still remain. Businesses today still cite security concerns as one of the major reasons they have either not adopted cloud as an option for business-critical resources or they are slow to adopt public cloud resources and services. Microsoft has introduced interesting security integrations in Office 365 that have lessened the security gaps found previously.

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Office 365 Backup. The Cost of Data Loss

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Office 365 backup.The Cost of Data Loss

Data is at the very heart of today’s businesses, both large and small. In the past, the criticality of data was more of a concern for larger corporations. In today’s data-driven world, even small business revenue, including “mom and pop” operations and SMB markets is driven by data and technology. So many businesses today are utilizing technology to make business operations more efficient, accurate, and to lower the head count required to carry out business-critical operations. More and more businesses across the board are moving their data-centric operations to the public cloud. Public cloud has revolutionized the way businesses of every size are thinking about IT infrastructure and where their data is stored, processed, and archived.

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Office 365 Security Concerns

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Microsoft has come a long way in providing security for Office 365 customers looking to bolster office 365 security.

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most powerful business productivity suites housed in the public cloud today. Many businesses today are either already running business-critical services and applications in Microsoft’s Office 365 environment or they are considering the move from on-prem to public cloud by way of Office 365. Office 365 certainly touts some really great benefits for organizations looking to move to the public cloud. As with any technology solution used for business today, it must be scrutinized for any potential security risks.

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