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The Advantages of Spinbackup

The Advantages of Spinbackup

Advantages of Spinbackup

There are several services which provide backup and restoration of Google Apps accounts, and in November 2012 one more online service appeared on the market – Spinbackup.com. Spinbackup is rapidly gaining popularity among its target audience.

It has certain features that are similar to other services as it also allows backup and restoration of:

Gmail backup and recovery,
Google Drive backup and recovery,
Google Calendar backup and recovery,
Google+ Photos backup and recovery,
Google Contacts backup and recovery,
Google Sites backup and recovery,
Google Tasks backup and recovery.

But there are significant differences. Let’s look at them:

  1. The ability to save files from your personal computer. If you are currently using separate services for Google backup and an additional service for backup of local files, you can perform both from within one service – Spinbackup.
  2. The ability to customize Spinbackup’s schedule of backup, yourself. Unlike others, Spinbackup gives you the opportunity to choose your own backup schedule. The default is daily backup, but if you can also set up a weekly or monthly backup.
  3. Favorable Pricing. Unlike competitors that offer a limited free-trial, Spinbackup offers a FREE FOREVER plan for individual accounts up to 2GB. If you are a business user or find that 2GB is not quite enough, you can easily change plans or increase your storage quota. Check the pricing!
  4. Feedback means improvements. One more interesting feature is that  you can participate in the development of the service by using the feedback form.Every submitted feedback form is reviewed and every feedback receives a human response. Good suggestions are scheduled for programming & implementation.

Your opinions?
Let us know! Just register at Spinbackup.com, study it, test it. You can make a meaningful contribution to the development of the web, today!

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