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“TO BE OR NOT TO BE? That Is the Question!”

“TO BE OR NOT TO BE? That Is the Question!”


The Top 6 Reasons for Not using Spinbackup

  • You are not a Google user.
  • Losing data is your hobby.
  • Your dog already ate your computer, smart phone and tablet.
  • You’ve never sent or received an email in your entire life and the prospects are dim.
  • You trust hackers and cyber-criminals. A lot.
  • Your Karma is off the boards.  Nothing bad will ever happen to you. Forever & ever.

No, there aren’t any reasons to Not use Spinbackup

We live in a world in which many people live in the moment, but fail to plan for potentially unpleasant moments.  

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Whether you are a successful businessman, a student or simply  a casual user of Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar or Picasa you may have become certain that all of your data is and shall forever, be safe.  Meanwhile,  the Data Dragon is hungrily lurking, waiting for the opportunity to swallow your digital life.

A few of our clients have suffered through a data loss and became customers in order to prevent a future, potential data loss. The web is not perfect. Servers crash, networks fail, routers get misconfigured, users click ‘Empty trash’, local drives fail and hackers hold evil contests. Each incident is but a snack for the Dragon, which is ever watchful for the biggest meal. The more data you have, the greater the likelihood of an eventual loss.

A long, long time ago (one year in human years), the Data Dragon had its way in the digital community, feasting on the data of previously care-free, unlucky Google users. Check a few forums to read their cries of distress. A few asked us for help in restoring their data, but we learned that once eaten, it cannot be recovered.  But what if everything was backed up?

Thus was born an idea. Backup the data & do it in the Cloud. Schedule it with a click and never, ever lose your work and important memories to the beast. In a word, Spinbackup.

Go to Spinbackup and we’ll cage the Dragon with one click!

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  • Great post! I currently use multiple backups. Everything from a local physical backup to multiple online and offsite backups. No data panic here… Here from LinkedIn

  • I get this, It is so painful when it happens and so helpful when there are multiple back-ups as Cheryl says. I have that and it does give me a sense of security that I want be panicing when something goes a-rye. :-)

  • Have you already started using SpinBackup?;-)

  • Witty! I like that!

    This sounds like a great product!

  • No doubt! 😉

  • Very clever and engaging post.

  • Indeed! After this post I had a great wish for taking advantage of the service!;-)

  • I have been using it for 2 months! It works incredibly great !