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TRUSTe Approved Privacy Practices and Statement

TRUSTe Approved Privacy Practices and Statement
Spinbackup is proud to announce that it has fulfilled the program requirements of TRUSTe and received the TRUSTe Web Privacy seal, a clear demonstration of our commitment to privacy for our customers and partners. TRUSTe backs up the integrity of their seal programs with their online Watchdog Dispute Resolution program, which enables users to hold TRUSTe clients, such as Spinbackup.com, fully accountable.
our customers can be sure they keep data in the right place!

See below an extract of the TRUSTe approval letter.:
After thorough review, TRUSTe has approved the privacy practices and
statement for Spinbackup. We are very pleased and honored to present
Spinbackup with a customized TRUSTe hosted HTML code, ready for
implementation! This code contains the TRUSTe seal and validation
page to clearly and proudly demonstrate your commitment to privacy,
to your customers and partners. It has been a sincere pleasure
working with you, not to mention, how excited we are to have you as
our newest seal holder! We look forward to seeing it displayed on
your site(s).”

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