How to Upgrade Your Individual Account to Business

How to Upgrade Your Individual Google Account to Business G Suite

On April 22, 2007 Google launched the professional package of Google Apps for Enterprise. Since then, more than 6 million companies around the world are using Google Apps for managing their business. So what has been the secret of Google’s success? In my opinion, it’s as a result of ongoing service & security improvements, along with enhanced capabilities that require only a nominal amount of additional IT resources.

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Google provides a service guarantee of 99.9%, which is close to, but not quite perfect. That 1 in 1,000 chance should give you pause and as a reference point, the chance of dying during any specific hang-gliding trip is about 1 in 12,500. So if you are into hang-gliding, then you may be somewhat comfortable with those 1 in 1,000 odds. I’ve never even considered hang-gliding as a viable form of recreation, other than to think “No way. Never happen”.

I’ll grant you that comparing a life-ending event to losing Google service is a stretch, so as an alternative think about losing your car keys, but with a twist. The ‘service mechanic’ (Google) can’t help you, so you’ll never get into your car again.  Google’s security is ironclad and you’ll never break that glass.

A better alternative? Backup your G Suite data securely with online access at Spinbackup by choosing one of two pricing plans: Individual or Business. Check here for more detail and different options which can be summarized in two points: more users and more storage space.

There are 3 ways to get a  Business plan:

  1. “Upgrade” an existing account.
  2. Create a Business account during initial registration.
  3. Sign up after receiving an invitation from an existing Business Plan administrator.

Business Plan, how to:

  1. ‘Upgrade’ your existing, personal account: ‘Go to ‘Upgrade’.
  2. Choose the specific plan you want and go to the payment.
    After payment, you’ll need to log out and then log into your account again to properly set the changes.
  3. Invite our new employee as an additional user.
  4. Check the mailbox of a new employee. To accept registration, go to the email link.
    A new user has joined our business plan and can immediately use the service.
  5. Now back to the G Suite Administrator account.

The administration of business accounts is pretty simple.

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Changing the number of users in an account.

If you change the number of users in your Corporate account you should also Upgrade the online cloud storage by going to the section “Upgrade”.

The payment procedure is similar to upgrading online cloud storage.