Guide to Cloud Cybersecurity

for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Is Your Data Protected on the Cloud?

More businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and choosing to transition to cloud technology. And why not? It’s cost affordable and helps them stay competitive. But there are downsides to cloud services many don’t consider...until it’s too late.

Just because your data is ‘on the cloud’ doesn’t mean it’s secure. In fact, 90% of organizations say they have concerns about cloud security. Don’t be one of them.

If you’re data is on the cloud and isn’t properly secure, you run the risk of losing it all. Don’t regret not taking more action. Protect your business today.

Avoid Data Leak

With our Guide to Cybersecurity for Small to Medium Sized Business, you’ll learn:

  • The Main Causes of Data Leaks & How to Avoid Them
  • Effects of Ransomware on the Cloud
  • What is Crypto-Ransomware
  • How to Secure your Data with Data Encryption
  • What to Expect in 2017