Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I backup my Google data?

Google does not help you recover your personal data. See various Google product forum posts below.

The above are just a few examples out of hundreds found on the Google Product forums from users who have lost their data and can neither retrieve them nor get help from Google. Although it’s too late for these users, it shouldn’t have to be for you.

Is it safe to backup my personal Gmail data at SpinOne?

Yes, it is 100% safe.

  • SpinOne never asks for your Google password. It communicates with your Google account via OAuth 2.0, Google’s latest and most secure API, developed by Google’s own developers.

  • SpinOne uses Amazon S3, GCP & Azure to store users’ backed-up data. Even if Google is down you will have access to your Google data via your SpinOne account.

  • SpinOne provides a 256 bit SSL secure certificate to access your user account. All security concerned financial service institutions (banks, brokerage firms, etc) use the same type of certificate.

  • SpinOne does not share your user data or emails with any 3rd party. No other entity will even know that you have an account.

What exactly can I backup with SpinOne cloud service?

You can backup the following Google Workspace data:

  • Google Mail messages (all labels )
  • Google Drive files (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and other files)
  • Google Photos (your Google Photos albums and images)
  • Google Calendar events
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Tasks

What cloud provider does it use?

SpinOne utilizes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), the most trusted cloud provider in the world.

Do you have a mobile version?

Yes, we do.
The Android version can be downloaded and installed from the Android Market. Click here to download.
The iPhone version can be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Market. Click here to download.

How often can I backup my data?

There are 2 options:

  1. Unlimited, Manual Backups. Manually – per user request.
  2. Automated, Daily Backup. Set up a Schedule: daily, weekly, monthly at a specific time of day.

Do you have an API for developers?

No we don’t, but we are working on it. Please follow us on Twitter or at our Blog and watch for a planned release date.

What is the difference between SpinOne and other cloud backup services?

SpinOne may provide the following advantages, depending on the compared vendor:

  • FREE accounts.
  • Google Photos backup (not available with many alternative cloud services).
  • You can work with backed up files/messages from within your SpinOne account and then sync with your Google account.
  • You can upgrade or cancel your account on demand.

Who can be a SpinOne user?

Google’s users only. You must have an Individual or a Business account with Google. At the moment, SpinOne’s cloud backs up only Google clouds. Development is in progress for Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook cloud backup.

Troubleshooting: Error (403) "The domain policy has disabled third-party Drive apps".

It means the domain administrator has disabled third-party apps access to your Drive documents. You should ask your domain administrator to grant access for SpinOne application to activate the Drive backup service.

It can be fixed at[YOUR DOMAIN NAME HERE]/CPanelHome?pli=1#ServiceSetting/service=drive+and+docs&subtab=general

See the screenshot below for more details.

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