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Scythe Mugen 5 ARGB Plus Heatsink Review

Scythe has brought to market another revision of its acclaimed Mugen 5 heatsink, the Mugen 5 ARGB Plus. In this update, the changes are mostly cosmetic now sporting an ARGB top cover and two ARGB Kaze Flex fans. However, this revision includes two fans with a higher maximum speed than the single fan used on the previous revision. We’ll check out the new RGB implementation, and see if the dual fan solution improved performance.
Specifications & Features

Scythe’s packaging is always loaded with information to ensure sure potential buyers have everything they need to know about the heatsink before they buy. On that front, there is an excellent isometric picture of the Mugen 5 ARGB with two Kaze Flex ARGB fans installed. Of course, Scythe’s logo is in the top right, compatibility is listed in the bottom left, and ARGB support is in the bottom right. On one side, we have detailed specifications and dimensions for the heatsink, fans, and ARGB connectors. The other side highlights three features, including the ARGB control box, ARGB equipped Kaze Flex fans and top cover, and a good view of the asymmetrical design for the Mugen 5 ARGB.
When opening the box and unpacking the Mugen 5 ARGB, we first remove a flat box that includes most of the accessories. Then, we have one of the Kaze Flex ARGB fans and a small cardboard-wrapped bag with the ARGB control box with its cables. Next, is the other Kaze Flex ARGB fan.
Scythe Mugen 5 ARGB Plus Specifications
Model # SCMG-5102AR
Dimensions 136 x 136 x 157.5 mm (including fan)
Weight 1060 g (including fan)
Socket Compatibility Intel: LGA 775/115x/1366/2011-v3/2066
AMD: FM1/FM2(+)/AM2(+)/AM3(+)/AM4
Baseplate/Heatpipe Material Nickel-plated copper
Fin Material Aluminum
Heatpipes 6 x 6 mm
Kaze Flex 120 ARGB PWM Fan Specifications
Model # KF1225FD15AR-P
Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 27 mm
Fan Speed 300 ± 200 ~ 1500 ± 10% RPM
Noise Level 4.0 ~ 29.75 dBA
Air Flow 16.6-66.47 CFM
Static Pressure 0.0762 ~ 1.67 mmH2O / 0.75 ~ 16.38 Pa
Input Power 2.4 W
Voltage 12 V
Amperage 0.20 A

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