Spin Leadership Team


Dmitry Dontov

CEO and Founder

Dmitry is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Spin Technology where he oversees all product, technical support and development.

Prior to founding Spin, Dmitry served as Founder and CEO at Optimum Web an IT talent outsourcing company and is the primary inventor on Spin's 2 patents relating to cybersecurity and cloud control.

He attended Stanford University and holds a Master Degree in Cybernetics and Economics from the Academy of Economic Science.

Darren T. Kimura

Executive Chairman
Chief Revenue Officer

Darren T. Kimura serves as Spin Technology's Executive Chairman where he is responsible for all strategy and go-to-market activities. Darren is also a Managing Partner at Enerdigm Ventures a $150 million venture capital investment firm where he is responsible for the firm’s IT infrastructure investments.

Previously, he served as Chief Executive Officer and President at LiveAction, Inc., growing the business from inception to an acquisition by Insight Venture Partners and served as President and Chief Strategy Officer for Insight Venture Partners between 2016 to 2019. Before that he served as Chief Executive Officer at three technology companies which he led from founding to exit.

Darren attended Portland State University studying Electrical Engineering and the University of Hawaii studying Information and Computer Science. Darren holds 13 patents, was previously awarded the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and is an Eagle Scout.

Sergey Balynsky

Vice President of Engineering

As the VP of Engineering in Spin, Sergey Balynsky is responsible for leading technological vision and managing engineering teams. Joined Spin as Head of Engineering in 2016, Sergey brought with him over 13 years of experience in building world-class teams of engineers and creating innovative cloud products. As a result of his strong leadership, he helped to organize and launch a modern, scalable platform that now serves millions of users and is the market leader by key indicators.

Before joining Spin, Sergey was Head of departments and Architect in fintech startups and banking domains. He served as Head of Software Development, managing a team of 100+ developers, administrators, and analytics.

Sergey holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is primarily focused on managing teams, cybersecurity, developing and scaling innovative cloud products, and designing software architecture solutions.

Grover Righter

Vice President of Marketing

Grover Righter has been the Chief Marketing Officer of multiple public and private companies, with a lifetime revenue basis of more than $5 Billion USD in product and services sales.

Grover started his marketing career at Novell in 1990 and launched Enterprise NetWare and NetWare for UNIX in conjunction with IBM. He was head of marketing at SCO during a successful IPO and was CMO at Geoworks during the Secondary Offering.

He has successfully launched companies leading to large scale growth and acquisitions including: Kabira Technologies, acquired by Tibco; ClearApp, acquired by Oracle; and Ortiva Wireless, acquired by Allot Communciations. He has headed major go-to-market initiatives at MuleSoft, Zuora and VMware.

Grover has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and a ‘certification professionnelle’ in marketing from INSEAD.


John Davidson


John Davidson, Ph.D. is a technologist, entrepreneur, author, investor and advisor to high-tech start-up companies. Previously, he was a general partner of Startup Capital Ventures.

John has over 35 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the communications networking industry. Early in his career, John served as the University of Hawaii’s liaison to the Technical Working Group for the ARPANET program, out of which the Internet was born. His role in the ARPANET program included participating in the design and implementation of the TCP/IP protocols.

John founded and led two successful communications networking companies. The first company was Ungermann-Bass, Inc., the networking industry’s first Local Area Networking company, which he co-founded in 1979. He served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and helped grow the company to $400 million in revenues and 1,600 employees. John led the company’s development efforts through its IPO in 1983, and its $260 million sale to Tandem Computers in 1988. John left Ungermann-Bass (Tandem Computers) in 1993 to found his second company, Network Telesystems, Inc., a self-funded internet infrastructure software company, where he served as Chairman and CEO. The company supplied Internet Protocol software to ISPs, carriers and enterprise customers. NTS was acquired by Efficient Networks in 2000, which itself was acquired by Siemens in 2001.

He received his BA from Middlebury College and his MS and PhD from the University of Hawaii.