Spin Technology is named one of the TOP-5 for Microsoft Office 365 Backup in 2021

Spin Technology is Named One of the TOP-5 Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 Backup in 2021

Spin Technology was highlighted for its use of Artificial Intelligence to stop ransomware attacks and automation in backup and recovery.

Spin Technology, Inc. announced it was named one of the Top 5 Office 365 Online SaaS Backup Solutions by the Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG). This DCIG report included reviews of fifteen solutions in the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem that provide cloud-based backup of SaaS data.

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“Spin Technology reduces recovery costs and downtime from ransomware attacks by more than 90%, which saves organizations millions of dollars by enabling recovery in minutes or hours – not in days or weeks. This recognition indicates the value we’re adding to the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem and highlights our industry-leading and highly differentiated features, including our AI-driven ransomware protection and data loss prevention capabilities.”

Dmitry Dontov, Spin’s Chief Executive Officer.

The selection criteria included ease of installation and price point, availability, additional backup storage costs, trial periods, and other value-added categories. It also considered anti-ransomware capabilities, backup capabilities, recovery and restore capabilities, SaaS configuration, licensing, and support.

“SpinOne has demonstrated visionary industry leadership and impressive technical capability with the development of its Artificial Intelligence for Ransomware protection. It’s a full suite of legacy capabilities and strong technological differentiation has placed SpinOne in the TOP-5.”

Jerome Wendt, President, and Founder, DCIG.

(Source: Business Wire)