Spin Technology Releases the Next Generation of Google Workspace Management in 2021

Nov 17, 2020 – Spin Technology announced that it releases its next-generation Google Workspace management with new features, providing an enhanced user interface, modularity, and functionality.

Spin Technology, Inc., announced the next generation of SpinOne, AI-powered ransomware and backup solution for Google Workspace and Office 365. In the last year alone, 51 percent of organizations were targeted by ransomware, and cybersecurity continues to be a top concern for business leaders. Including advanced new security features, a completely redesigned user interface, and improved platform functionality, the latest version of SpinOne will help organizations better protect against ransomware attacks in the cloud.

Over the last seven months, cloud adoption has accelerated as the number of remote workers spiked dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This increased reliance on the cloud has resulted in more ransomware attacks on public cloud and SaaS services. In fact, according to a recent report, six in ten successful attacks include data in the public cloud. SpinOne offers industry-leading ransomware protection for G Suite and Microsoft 365, backup capabilities, and application management.

As organizations add additional cloud services, they need solutions that are simple to deploy and manage. These updates make it even easier for IT and security professionals to protect their employees from the risks associated with ransomware, all while allowing them to scale the SpinOne platform over time. As G Suite shifts to Google Workspace, SpinOne continues to protect your organization’s data against ransomware and now includes additional summaries that explain the levels of risk and required action. In addition, we’ve enhanced our cloud monitoring capabilities and introduced advanced auditing.”

Dmitry Dontov, Chief Executive Officer.

Key advancements and features in the latest version of SpinOne include:

  • Comprehensive New Security Summaries:
    • From the dashboard view, an admin can now quickly scan their Google Workspace environment, including what security incidents have occurred to their data.
    • Each data feed is summarized in a widget outlining security incidents, incident history, account summary, and more.
  • Cloud Monitoring:
    • Google Workspace has various ongoing activities operating within it, and SpinOne Cloud Monitor now provides a comprehensive overview of all actions, including Data Sharing, Application Installed, and Drive File Deleted.
    • SpinOne now includes six additional cloud monitoring capabilities, detailing the admin activities within the SpinOne platform.
    • The Cloud Monitor Incident Report details actions from users that exceed the rules set by Admins in their policies.
  • Advanced Auditing:
    • SpinOne now expands its monitoring of OAuth access, including Android, Native, iOS.
    • Historical risk scoring reviews are now expanded, and organizations can review an add-on’s risk over time.
  • Enhancements to Backup and Recovery:
    • Users and Groups are now separated in the new SpinOne.
  • APIs are now available for major third-party applications.

About Spin Technology

Spin Technology is a SaaS cloud data protection company protecting enterprises against cloud ransomware, human error, and insider threats. Our solutions extend security on G Suite and Office 365 environments and protect organizations against Data Leak & Data Loss in the cloud by backing up sensitive data to secure cloud storage. Our Artificial Intelligence provides 24×7 monitoring and detection against harmful threats and identifies business risks while our automated runbooks and deploy powerful countermeasures to ensure continuous operation.

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