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SpinOne Developed the First Fully Automatic 24/7 Ransomware Protection for G Suite

Jun 28, 2017 – US cybersecurity company SpinOne introduced an Automatic Ransomware Protection solution that protects Google Drive data from all types of Ransomware (WannaCry, Cerber, Locky, etc.). It’s fully automated, 24/7 protection, with zero human factors involved.

During an attack, ransomware encrypts files stored on a local computer and it does the same with the files stored at Google Drive. This encryption process takes place via the computer automatic synchronization with the cloud. The virus encrypts a user’s files both on the computer and in the cloud, and the user is left with no backup copies. SpinOne Ransomware Protection is the first solution that automatically detects the attack, blocks the source, and recovers Google Drive files. After recovery, files can be downloaded on any device.

Here is how the SpinOne Ransomware Protection works; the service monitors suspicious Google Drive activities in real-time and when the security scanner detects a ransomware attack, it blocks the attack source, determines the number of damaged files, and automatically recovers them from the last successful backup snapshot. Finally, a security alert is sent to the G Suite administrator.

Automatic backup takes place up to 3 times a day. Data is recovered automatically, but manual restoration is also possible. The Version Control feature allows you to recover the entire account to its previous version at a specific moment back in time, and it does so with the same folder hierarchy. This is great because you can restore an entire account and don’t have to search for a reliable version of every file separately.

Business users are granted unlimited storage at SpinOne. Annual subscription costs $5 / user / month.

“It makes businesses work continuously without breaks and stress, automatizes a G Suite admin’s work, and saves a tremendous amount of time compared to manual restore.”

Dmitry Dontsov, the founder of SpinOne.

SpinOne also provides security expertise for detecting the level of business risk for 3rd-party apps connected to the G Suite account. For example, the so-named “Google Sheets add-on” with the permission “view and manage the files” can possibly delete, copy or encrypt all cloud data of a corporate user.

This solution controls an employee’s activities with the corporate G Suite data. What apps are granted access to data? Are there data leak risks? Is there an abnormal cloud migration or local download taking place? Who sends credit card numbers via Gmail and when? Who is sharing corporate Google Drive items with people outside the domain? These are all questions that SpinOne’s Cybersecurity solution answers.

About SpinOne

SpinOne was founded by Dmitry Donstov in 2013, with its main office located in San Francisco, California. The company currently has 25 employees. The SpinOne solution is already used by hundreds of SMBs and educational organizations, including The University of Tokyo, Seattle Academy, and many others.