Find out how vulnerable your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 SaaS Data are against cloud ransomware attacks

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Is your mission-critical SaaS Data protected against modern cloud ransomware attacks?

Spin’s Cloud Ransomware Simulator “SpinCRS” provides you full visibility of your data protection against cloud ransomware attacks for your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 SaaS data.

In 2020, 73% of Ransomware attacks were successful. 600% increase. Every 11 seconds, a new organization falls victim to ransomware. AVG Downtime is 16 days. Healthcare organizations pay out over $8,851 per minute of downtime. There is no last line of defense.

Example of a Cloud Ransomware Attack Video Presented by Spin Technology

Here's how it works:

How Ransomware spreads to the cloud?

There are at least 2 main scenarios of how a ransomware attack is able to spread to your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environment and encrypting your mission-critical SaaS data:

1. Malicious Server or PC is being synced with your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 accounts
2. Malicious OAuth App or Browser Extension that has access to your SaaS data at Google Workspace or M365

What kind of SaaS data is at risk?

  1. Google Workspace: Gmail messages, Google Drive files, and Shared Drive files.
  2. M365: Exchange online messages, OneDrive files, and Sharepoint items.

How does the ransomware risk assessment work?

SpinCRS (Spin’s Cloud Ransomware Simulator)  for SaaS data is a 100% safe app that simulates a ransomware attack on your SaaS data. It uses an isolated folder leaving your SaaS data intact. You can play two scenarios with our app: desktop & cloud attack.

Desktop scenario
The ransomware simulation will encrypt SaaS data via your sync folder on your PC.

Web scenario
The app will encrypt some files directly in your cloud.

How to run the simulation:
  1. Fill out the form
  2. Our Security Engineer will get back to you to send a step-by-step guide

The whole process may take from a few minutes to 15 minutes depending on the number of files and the internet speed. The SpinCRS covers the majority if well-known ransomware attacks and zero-day ransomware attacks as well.

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