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Apps Risk Assessment

Assess the business, security, and compliance risks of the third-party SaaS apps and Chrome extensions connected to your business-critical data and have control over the data security in your organization. Give bad guys a ZERO chance to steal your sensitive data!

Assess SaaS apps risk to prevent shadows

The number of SaaS apps are growing extremely fast since companies move to the cloud. Now employees are able to install any SaaS app or a Chrome extension completely off the corporate radar. This “democratization of IT” has led to one of the biggest cybersecurity risks. Shadow IT refers to apps that individuals in an organization use every day without the knowledge of their IT department.

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Business risk, security risk, and compliance risk assessment must be part of your cybersecurity strategy

  • Data leak that comes from a departing employee
  • Data leak that comes from a third-party app installed by an employee accidentally or on purpose
  • Brute force attacks
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Sensitive data shared outside of an organization
  • Enterprise data being migrated from a company account to a personal one
  • Admin account compromise or hi-jacking
  • Unexpected IT costs, fines and penalties

SpinAudit provides risk assessment for G Suite SaaS apps and Chrome extensions

Business Risk
  • High Risk |
  • Medium Risk |
  • Low Risk

With SpinAudit you get a database with 55,000+ SaaS apps and extensions that have already passed AI-based security scoring. We save admins a tremendous amount of time assessing the risks of software connected to G Suite.

  • The business risk level of a G Suite app
  • The type and description of the G Suite app
  • List of permissions granted to the G Suite app
  • Employees it has access to
  • Type of connected devices
  • Blacklist/whitelist apps
  • Custom security policies
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Security Risk
  • High Risk |
  • Medium Risk |
  • Low Risk

A typical SaaS environment is invisible to admins. And you cannot manage what you cannot observe. SpinAudit gives you full visibility over your data by monitoring employees who have access to G Suite and using machine learning algorithms to detect abnormal cloud user behavior.

  • Credit cards detection
  • Abnormal download
  • Abnormal migration
  • Brute-force attacks
  • Abnormal login
  • New apps install
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Compliance Risk
  • High Risk |
  • Medium Risk |
  • Low Risk

With SpinAudit you can find out if an app that has access to your mission-critical data is compliant with industry-specific and local regulations.

  • Compliance and audit reports (e.g. SOC 2, HITRUST, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA)
  • EU Privacy Shield
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Data storage location
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Key features to automate your security processes

24/7 monitoring of G Suite environment

SpinAudit monitors your G Suite environment looking for anything that could pose a danger to business-critical data.

Security scoring for apps or extensions

Every single app that has access to your sensitive data gets an AI-based security assessment.

Blacklist and whitelist for apps or extensions

You can revoke access to risky apps or extensions that are not allowed to use in your organization.

Custom and flexible security policies

SpinAudit automates up to 90% of your security processes providing flexibility and control over your data.

Audit logs and activity history

You can go back in time to investigate any suspicious activity from any fake app or extension.

Security alerts via relevant channels

Our system integrates with email, Slack, or your custom ticketing system to send you security alerts.

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Implement custom security policies with SpinAudit

Our functionality allows you to create custom policies to automate the security processes for apps, data, and domain-related event types. This includes the ability to set a scope of rules, exceptions, and notifications on a per rule basis.

Control risky apps
  • Detect when new apps get installed or uninstalled Monitor your environment automatically and identify apps that are not allowed to use in your organizations.
  • BlackList or whiteList apps and extensions Once you added an app to the blacklist, SpinAudit will revoke access to this app every time an employee tries to install it again.
The cost of data breach
Prevent data leaks
  • Detect abnormal data transfer or download

    Get notified when an employee downloads an abnormal number of files in bulk, or when an app is used to migrate sensitive data from a business account to a personal one.

  • Detect sensitive data

    Identify messages containing sensitive information such as credit card number (CCN).

  • Control shared items

    Disable sharing of specific files to certain domains (including external) and by specific users.

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Protect from cyberthreats
  • Detect abnormal login and brute force attacks Get notified when a brute force login attack has been detected.
  • Protect against ransomware Stop the ransomware encryption process and restore encrypted files automatically.
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