SaaS Data Protection for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce

SpinOne is an All-in-One SaaS data protection platform for your mission-critical SaaS Apps (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce). It provides Proactive Ransomware Monitoring, SaaS Apps Risk Assessment, Access Management, SaaS DLP, and SaaS Backup – all in one dashboard.
SpinOne reduces impact, downtime, and hidden costs: saving millions of dollars per ransomware attack and saving time for SecOps teams by automating Risk Assessment and Access Management.

Ransomware Monitoring

The average downtime is 16 days. SpinOne reduces downtime from 16 days to 2 hours and recovery costs by over 90% per ransomware attack using proactive ransomware monitoring with AI-driven crypto-behavior detection.

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SaaS Apps Security

1) Reduce risk and prevent ransomware by identifying risky OAuth Apps or Browser Extensions with automated Risk Assessment

2) Save time for SecOps teams with powerful automation

3) Improve compliance with access management 

4) Get full visibility of your Shadow IT

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SaaS Backup

Improve compliance and reduce recovery costs by backing up Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 mission-critical SaaS data to secure cloud storage on  AWS,  GCP,  Azure,  or your custom location. Restore any file in seconds.

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SpinOne for Google Workspace

  • gsuite
  • gsuite
  • gsuite
  • gsuite
  • gsuite
  • gsuite
  • SaaS Ransomware Protection

  • SaaS Apps Security

  • SaaS Data Backup

SaaS Ransomware Protection

  • Reduce downtime to 2 hours

  • Reduce recovery costs by over 90%

  • Monitor, Detect and Stop an in-progress ransomware attack

  • Ransomware Protection for Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives

  • 24/7 ransomware monitoring with AI-driven crypto-behavior detection


SpinOne for Microsoft 365

  • office
  • SaaS Ransomware Protection

  • SaaS Backup & Recovery


SaaS Ransomware Protection

  • Ransomware Protection for OneDrive, Outlook, and Sharepoint

  • AI-driven scanner monitors abnormal behavior for your M365 data

  • Identifies the source of the ransomware attack and blocks it by preventing encryption for millions of files

  • Automatically runs a granular restoration of encrypted files only from the last successfully backed up version

  • Fast recovery helps reducing downtime

  • 24/7 customer support via chat, email, phone

  • Advanced Reporting and Search

  • SOC 2 Type II, EU Privacy Shield, GDPR compliance

SpinOne for Salesforce

    • SaaS Backup and Recovery


    SaaS Backup and Recovery

    • Automated Backup for Data, Files, and Metadata

    • Data stored on AWS, GCP, Azure, or customer cloud

    • Backup of Sandbox data, metadata, and files

    • Granular compare & recovery

    • Fast performance due to smart utilization of APIs

    • 24/7 customer support via chat, email, phone

    • Advanced Reporting

    • SOC 2 Type II, EU Privacy Shield, GDPR compliance

    Why Protect Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 Data with SpinOne?

    Ransomware attacks

    It’s no longer IF, it’s WHEN. In 2022, ransomware was involved in 25% of all breaches. Every 11 seconds, a new organization falls victim to ransomware, with an average 16 day downtime. Our proactive ransomware monitoring and automated backup technology help you drastically reduce downtime from weeks to days.

    Shadow IT

    Businesses pay $8.76 million per year on average to resolve Shadow IT incidents. Detecting and assessing risky apps in a timely manner can save millions of dollars. With SpinOne, you get full visibility: including employee attempts to share data outside the organization, and unauthorized installations of third-party OAuth applications and browser extensions.

    Human Error

    About 25% of all data breaches are caused by human error. Google and Microsoft are secure cloud providers: but data loss in the cloud is 100% your responsibility. Spinone gives you peace of mind that your mission-critical SaaS data is protected against human error.

    Data Theft By Fired Employees

    85% of employees admitted to taking company documents when they left a business. SpinOne prevents data theft and alerts admins of any potential data breach.

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    Our Customers

    Trusted by over 1,500 organizations worldwide

    We Safeguard Your Data with Enterprise-Grade Security

    • gsuite
      SOC2 Type II

      Spin Technology has completed the audit for the Trust Services Criteria.

    • gsuite
      OAuth 2.0

      We use the industry-standard authorization protocol and never store customer passwords.

    • gsuite

      SpinOne helps support compliance with EU data protection and privacy.

    • gsuite
      Data Encryption

      SpinOne uses 256-bit encryption to encrypt all backed up data in transit and at rest.

    • gsuite
      EU-US Privacy Shield

      SpinOne has a certified compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

    • gsuite
      Service Level Agreement

      Our Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.99% success for your backups.

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