Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Tasks & Google+ Photos.

Incremental, Secure, Daily, Automated Backup for Google Apps. Start with FREE for life account today and easily upgrade on demand to more users for $0.8/month per user.

Protect your Google Apps critical data.

It’s FREE. No credit card or password required; just your Google ID.

Spinbackup is a double protection of your Google Apps data.

It is a free, secure and easy way to keep your critical data safe. Spinbackup provides Gmail backup, Google Drive backup, Google Calendar backup, Google+ Photos backup, Google Contacts backup, Google Tasks backup and disaster recovery services.

We work hard on creating free, easy-to-use and the most secured SaaS backup platform to help control your digital-freedom, providing a sense of extra security and protecting your privacy.

Spinbackup is the World's Most Advanced Cloud Backup Provider which leads the way in the backup of Google Apps data to the Cloud, along with restoration services for Google Apps Users. Spinbackup utilizes SaaS delivery model with its goal being the protection of user’s critical data from the most common causes of data loss. It generates innovation solutions for backing up your data in the Cloud.

Top 3 Reasons to use Spinbackup for Critical Data Backup & Recovery.

  • Free Cloud Backup

    - Free for life accounts.
    - 2GB Cloud Storage FREE.
    - No credit card required.
    - No passwords. Use your Google ID.
    - Pay-As-You-Go Model
    - Upgrade your account on demand.
    - Cancel your account at any time.

  • It's 100% safe

    Spinbackup provides top level security and doesn't even require you to use your Google credentials. We utilize Google and Amazon encryption algorithms for data transfer and data storage and as a result, there is no way to access users data.

  • Cloud Scalability & Reliability

    - Unlimited Backups per day.
    - Unlimited Restores per day.
    - No Users Limit.
    - No Storage Limit.
    - 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
    - 99.9% successful backups.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.

Spinbackup provides a digital bridge between the world´s two largest clouds like Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud. It backs up data from Google´s Cloud into Amazon´s Cloud using original Google and Amazon APIs and as a result, prevents critical data loss disasters for Google users. As soon as you create a new Spinbackup account your critical data is securely stored. Smart and secure data robots will automatically backup your data daily, weekly or monthly without disrupting your activities. Currently, automatic backup is available for your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Tasks and Google+ Photos. In addition, you can choose to manually backup, whenever you feel the need.

We Safeguard Your Critical Data and Privacy.

Data security is the priority #1 here at Spinbackup. Security and privacy matter to us, we know how important they are to you and we do all our best to get them right. Spinbackup never asks for your Google password nor does it share your email address or your data with anyone, ever. You can cancel your account at any time. We provide you full control on your data and freedom to chose. In short, Spinbackup safeguards Google user’s data protection and security.

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