Data Loss Protection for Google Apps
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Migration
  • Data Archive

Securely Backup Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google+ Photos.
Protect Your Google Data

The Art of Data Loss Protection

Find the right solution to protect your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google+ Photos from data loss disasters.
For Individual Google Users For Google Apps Organistions

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Provide a sense of extra security, protecting users privacy and preach backup culture all around the world together with Spinbackup.

The Art of Data Protection

Spinbackup is a free, ultra-secure and easy way to keep your sensitive data safe. It provides cloud data loss protection services such as cloud-to-cloud backup, disaster recovery, data migration, data archive and search to Google Apps users. Our software as a service (SaaS) safeguards your Google data right. We work hard on creating the most advanced, easy-to-use and secured platform to help you safeguard Google Apps data and manage it right.

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The Right Data Loss Recovery

As a cloud user, you fall into one of two categories: you are either someone who has already lost critical data, or you are someone who will. That’s why you need an insurance against data loss disasters. Spinbackup doesn’t protect users from Google itself, as much as the end user error which causes 70% of data loss issues.

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10 000+ Individual Google Users and Google Apps organizations from 33 countries have chosen Spinbackup to protect their Google Apps data.

Just started using Spinbackup, can't believe it's not more famous, an absolutely hassle-free cloud-based backup for your Google Account. And no I have no link to the company, just a user. (Backupify and Spanning only do Google Apps, not normal Google Accounts.)

Casey Richins
I mostly exclusively use Google drive to store my data. However I often worry about that data should something happen to the drives and servers my data resides on. I looked for backup solutions for my Google account and was surprised to find Spinbackup. While advertised as a solution for Google Apps, it works wonderfully for my personal Google Account.

David Gordon
Great backup system, it just works, and the support is 1st Class ! Appreciate the really fast support, very important:-) SB saved me over the weekend as I needed an urgent email which I could not locate. Logged in ... located ... and restored ... job done. Spinbackup is brill, and having now been asked to pay a tiny monthly fee is totally acceptable. The price for losing all my emails...

Mark Wagner
I finally found the right service for backing up my “personal” Google Account and love is already:

Spinbackup for Individual Google Users and Google Apps organizations.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Secure and incremental Gmail backup, Google Drive backup and other Google Apps services backup. The best prevention against data and time loss.

Restore & Migration

Accurate Google Drive & Gmail Recovery reverses all your critical data back using exactly the same hierarchy. Securely migrate your data from one Google account to another.

Archive & Download

Easily archive and download backed up data from your Spinbackup account to any PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or Android devices at any time, anywhere.


Your backed up data is securely encrypted in transit, in use and at rest using the strongest AES 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit key.

Fast Search

Easily search your backed up Gmail emails, Google Drive files, Google+ Photos, Google Contacts, Google Calendar events and account users.

Automated Backup

Smart Automated Backup Scheduler allows you to run Daily backup at any specific time to guarantee the prevention of human mistake and time loss.

Activity Reports

Real-time tracking tools are available to monitor your backup, restore, migration, archive and other account activities online or via email reports.

Multi-user Account

Add and manage as many Individual Google users or Google Apps Domain users as you need within your Spinbackup account using User Management Panel.

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