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All about Spinbackup.

As cloud services gain popularity, Data Protection should become a greater concern for organizations and individual users who store their data in the cloud. That’s how the idea of Spinbackup was released. So in 2013, the Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provider was created and its mission was to prevent sensitive data loss disasters in the cloud.

Spinbackup is more than just a backup provider. Cloud Data Loss, Cloud Data Security & Cloud Data Management are the 3 significant issues resulting in immense cost, time loss and sub-par performance that Spinbackup solves. We provide easy-to-use and enterprise class automated backup, disaster recovery, cloud data migration and archive solutions for Individual Google users and G Suite / Google Apps organizations by protecting them from critical data loss disasters.

Our inventive spirit team includes only experienced and highly motivated engineers who want to leave a mark in the cloud data security industry and bring peace of mind and feeling of protection to our clients all over the world. We wish to share our success with each of you. Our company has experienced a rapid growth as a result of a good product functionality and our diligent customer service department, also coupled with ongoing product enhancements. Our goal is to support as many cloud services as possible and to be the leader on the market so we are working hard to achieve it.

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500 000+ G Suite users
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