WannaCry Ransomware – a Call for Enhanced Cyber Hygiene

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Wannacry ransomware spinbackup

Only one week has passed after a mass phishing attack hit the Gmail users, and the world came under attack by a new global cyber threat called WannaCry ransomware. One month ahead – new victims of WannaCry occur: the Honda car plant and Australian government contractor. These attacks, as our security experts predict, might become the turning point for individuals and organizations all over the world in strengthening their cyber security.

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Putting the IT Disaster Recovery Plan in Place


Now we observe how businesses and non-profits are moving all of their valuable data to the cloud. Backup has already become their culture and savvy ones introduce CASB systems to protect their data from the most popular and dangerous cyber security risks. But since nobody knows what kind of new threat can occur, the only response remaining in case of a disaster is to follow a Disaster Recovery plan.

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Is Your Google Drive Safe from Ransomware?

Google Drive Ransomware
These days, with the rise of cyber security threats, business and individual users alike have to put more effort to tackle the data protection issue in the cloud. Ransomware hackers are ripping more and more fruit recently and Ransomware as a Service becoming an achievable “malware for hire” solution for a relatively low cost. What do we know about these high-tech criminals and the ways to stay safe from them? Is your cloud storage, Google Drive for example, safe from being infected?

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Big Data, Machine Learning and AI — a Perfect Combo for Cyber Security

Big Data Machine Learning AI Cyber Security

Organizations are having difficult times trying to keep up with the security levels needed to eliminate or at least minimize modern cyber security problems. As technologies evolve, so do the skills of intruders. The main goal of advanced mechanisms to combat the growing numbers of attacks is to identify the weak points before the hackers do. From identity theft to credit card numbers being taken away, Big data and AI play an instrumental role in establishing new standards for cyber security. While the potential of big data is vast, it might lag behind as a standalone tool to deal with hackers due to the enormous volume of data to analyze. This is when machine learning becomes a missing piece of the puzzle that puts artificial intelligence in place to scale the use of big data by managing the insights coming from multiple sources with the help of the machines.

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The Advantages of Spinbackup

Spinbackup advantages

Spinbackup is a cloud-to-cloud backup and cloud cybersecurity solution provider for G Suite. We protect organizations of all sizes against data leaks and data loss disasters. We do it in the cloud by backing up SaaS data, analyzing it and alerting G Suite Administrators of potential insider threats and business risks.

Our unique market value proposition is to remove human factor for data security and use machine learning algorithms to fully automate data protection and we do it all in one very well designed dashboard.

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5 Easy Steps to Get the Most out of Your Spinbackup Free Trial

5 Easy Steps to Get the Most out of Your Spinbackup Free Trial

When choosing a business partner for data protection, organizations should choose a reliable vendor that you can trust with all of your sensitive data. You need a data security custodian that can work for you around the clock. Spinbackup for G Suite is a business tool for G Suite Administrators that helps them protect corporate data against data loss and data leaks in the cloud and is controlled through a unified dashboard.

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What Is Zero Day Vulnerability and How to Prevent It

Zero Day Vulnerability What Is It

Computer software is often prone to attacks. This could be due to internal or external reasons. One of such attacks is caused by a security hole which is then exploited by hackers. A zеrо dау vulnerability is a hоlе in computer ѕоftwаrе thаt iѕ not fixed by the vеndоr. When hackers find this hole, they take advantage of it — thiѕ еxрlоit is саllеd a zеrо dау attack.

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Google Phishing Attack: Security Experts’ Analytics and Predictions

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Google phishing attack - Spinbackup

The Internet blew up with the latest news about Gmail phishing attack. You have probably read tons of material about this issue and how sophisticatedly it was organized. However, all of this news has likely left you frustrated and without a satisfactory answer to these three questions:

  1. What was the goal?
  2. What can we expect?
  3. What should we do next?

Our security experts give the answers.

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Google for Education: 3 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Backup and Security

Google for Education backup

When it comes to the education sector, reliable software is a key factor to ongoing success. With modern platforms and applications such as G Suite, students and teachers alike can benefit from the scalability and reliability it offers. However, security and backup are both crucial to its success, which is why Google for education backup services are so popular. Let’s take a closer look at why reliable backup and security solutions are so important for Google users.

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