Google Apps for Education Backup

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Google Apps for Education is a suite of web applications including Gmail, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Groups, News, Play, Sites, and Vault; that are customizable and designed specifically for use in schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) was first launched in Arizona State University in 2006. It now has over 25 million users worldwide and is used by 74 of the top 100 universities.

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Data Encryption for Cloud Backup Security

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Data Encryption - Cloud Security

In traditional on-site backup systems security is mainly a physical concern – ensuring data is backed up in more than one location in case of hardware loss or failure and restricting access to the physical backup media to only trusted employees.

In cloud backup, security concerns are different. In many cloud applications such as Google Apps, Office 365 and Salesforce, data is created in the cloud and then copied to the backup provider. Cloud backup providers have their own security in place to ensure the security of the physical servers, but data may be vulnerable while it is in transit.

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How to Choose a Cloud Backup Provider in 10 Steps

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How to choose a cloud backup provider

Storing and maintaining the integrity of data is at the heart of any business from small sole trader to large multinational company.

Vital company data including customer and client contact details, stock and sale records, finances, email communications, company documents and other data must be kept safe and secure to ensure the ongoing successful operation of the business.

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Google Vault and Spinbackup: What is the difference?

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Google Vault vs Spinbackup

Google Vault is a very nice solution to archive some of your G Suite (Google Apps) data, but it doesn’t do backup. Finally, you can’t use it as an automated backup and recovery solution daily, so it doesn’t protect you against data loss.

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How to Backup Android to Google Cloud

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How to backup Android to Google Cloud

With most of our lives being run in the digital realm these days, losing access to your Google account can be a catastrophe. This is especially true for Android users, who use Google account on phone as their identity in the operating system. This makes having a proper backup strategy for your Android phone essential to your overall data and identity protection plans, and means you should think about Google account recovery for Android before you find yourself in a tough situation.

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How to Backup Gmail Account

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Gmail Backup by Spinbackup

Gmail is one of the most popular cloud-based email service, with over one billion monthly active users.

Gmail users like the service because it is easy to use, comes with a generous free data allowance, and integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and other Google Apps. However, some of these users take the necessary steps to ensure their emails and files within Gmail are backed up in the case of accidental data loss or a hacked account.

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Google Account Recovery: It should be simple but…

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Google Account recovery problems

First of all – bad news first – if the account has been inactive for more than 30 days then Google may have deleted it from the server. This means that the account is likely irretrievable.

If this is not the case, please read on…

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Backup to Google Drive: Tips and Tricks

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backup to google drive

Google Drive was launched in 2012 and now boasts over one million business and personal users using it to back up their data, documents, photos, spreadsheets, presentations and more.
Although there are several other cloud backup services available, Google Drive is one of the most popular due to its generous storage allowance (free up to 15GB and only $1.99 per month up to 100GB), integration with Gmail and other Google Apps, and seamless synchronization with client software.

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