How Does Ransomware Work – All You Need to Know

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How Does Ransomware Work: Key Facts

The ransomware threat is huge, and it gets bigger every day. Chances are, it’s already affected you or someone you know, or will affect in the nearest future. Some estimates of the damages exceed one billion dollars, taking into account data loss, service outages, disrupted operations, and recovery.

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Does Antivirus Protect Against Ransomware?

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Does Antivirus Protect Against Ransomware

Installing antivirus software (or AV) is often considered an important ransomware protection measure. And it is. It’s better to buy a subscription to antivirus software than to pay, on average, $36,295 to hackers or face significant financial and reputational damages.

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Ransomware Detection Using Machine Learning 

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Ransomware Detection Using Machine Learning 

A lone administrator peers at a security console, looking at screens that may best be described as looking at “the Matrix”. He tries desperately to find any anomalies that might indicate the greatest challenge to your data – ransomware.

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24 Recent Ransomware Attacks in 2019

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Recent ransomware attacks in 2019

Ransomware is one of the most concerning cybersecurity threats for individuals, SMBs, and enterprise environments alike.

This year has ushered in a resurgence in ransomware activity. Hackers continue to disrupt organizations of all sizes and industries. Even targeting governmental organizations was far from exceptional. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the biggest ransomware attacks of 2019 and the severe impact they have had.

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How Do You Get Ransomware? 5 Main Sources in 2019

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How Do You Get Ransomware in 2019

Ransomware is a sly, silent, and vicious criminal. It quietly makes its way past your security defenses into the heart of your data and keeps it hostage until you pay a ransom. 

But how do you get ransomware in the first place? This is what you, a potential ransomware victim, need to know to protect your data and your business in 2020.

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Google Drive Encryption: All You Should Know

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How to Encrypt Files on Google Drive

Storing information, including sensitive information in the public cloud can be worrisome for businesses. Countless news headlines of data leakage and privacy violations continue to rock businesses in a wide range of industries and technology spaces.

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What is Data Encryption and Why is it Important?

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Password encryption

There is perhaps no more basic security mechanism than data encryption.  Encryption is used in so many useful security solutions that it has become a staple for ensuring that unauthorized access to data is not possible.  From encrypting data that is sitting on a disk to encrypting the data that traverses over the wire from a network perspective, data must be secured using encryption mechanisms to ensure that it is safe during all stages of the process, both in-flight and at-rest.  

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