Cloud-to-cloud Transfers: Security Issues and How to Detect Them


The cloud computing boom has brought many benefits to businesses regarding increased productivity and easier accessibility to corporate online systems. Unfortunately, it has also introduced some new security concerns and an increase in the number of data breaches that occur each year.

The main reason for this is that cloud services make it much easier to access and share data from outside the organization. In a traditional computing model, data breaches are most commonly caused by stolen hardware or a malicious attack on company systems. Data breaches from the cloud may simply be caused by a careless employee sharing files with the wrong person.

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10 of the Riskiest Mobile Apps You Probably Downloaded in 2016

Spinbackup top riskiest mobile apps downloaded 2016

If your company has a BYOD policy, it can be extremely difficult to manage the apps that are installed and used on users’ own devices that are used for work. These apps can often help improve productivity and collaboration, but they can also introduce many new security risks.

User installed apps have a couple of main drawbacks. One is that employees are likely to download popular apps that are used by millions of other users. This makes them an attractive target for hackers, purely because of the potential impact that a successful attack could have. These apps are usually easy to use and make sharing information simple, making them attractive for users, but are also typically less secure than enterprise-level apps.

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Top 5 Steps to Securing Your Device From Malicious Behavior

Spinbackup Top 5 Steps to Securing Your Device From Malicious Behavior

Today, mobile devices, mostly tablets and smartphones, are widely expanding and becoming an integral part of our daily life. Users are increasingly storing their personal data on the devices, which they practically do not let out of their hands. It’s practical and useful, but at the same time, it gives rise to new problems. Easily accessible valuable information increases the risk of online threats. And so, every year, the security of mobile devices (and the stored data) is being given more attention.

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Case Study: How to Protect G Suite Super Admin Account Against Hijacking


As a G Suite domain administrator, have you ever thought how often password cracking attempts are made on your account at Google? Are you even aware if an unauthorized attempt to access your account has taken place?

The G Suite admin panel is a very useful feature of G Suite that can be put to good use by IT administrators in businesses, schools, and other organizations. From the admin panel it is possible to manage several administrative tasks, however the power it gives also means that it can be very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Have you ever thought what happens with users and data if a cyber-criminal can somehow access your G Suite admin account?

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How to Sign Up for Spinbackup Account for Individuals

How-To 0 568

In order to protect your valuable information from being hacked, accidentally deleted or stolen, as well as from rare but still existing Google IT failures, you should always backup all your Google services, and rest assured that your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Contacts, and Google Tasks data is secured.

The best option for this is creating the Spinbackup account. To do this, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to and press the Free Trial button.
  2. Spinbackup free trial

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Why Machine Learning Algorithms Are Vital for a Proper Cybersecurity Solution

machine learning cybersecurity
Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computers to learn to look for patterns in data without being explicitly programmed. This branch of computer science has many applications, but one of the most promising in the field of cyber security is the ability for computers to detect intruders on a network and other dangerous activity that may lead to a data breach.

Artificial intelligence has been recognized by governments and industry leaders as an increasingly important technology, which has the potential to have a huge impact on the technology industry and the way people and computers can work together in the future.

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Do the Greatest Cybersecurity Threats Come from Outside or Within?


Cyber attacks should be of great concern for businesses of any size in this day and age. Data breaches are reaching epidemic levels, with 46 data records being stolen every second.

Most companies focus on reducing the threats from outside the business. However threats originating from within the organization may be a bigger threat than most people realize. In fact one of the main causes of data breaches is an unintentional leak due to a careless employee.

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How to Hire a Cybersecurity Professional for Your IT Team


Cybersecurity professionals encompass a wide range of job roles including security engineer, cryptographer, ethical hacker, security analyst, vulnerability tester, security consultant, and more.

Broadly speaking, cybersecurity professionals are individuals who have been trained to protect data via various different methods.

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