What Is Zero Day Vulnerability and How to Prevent It

Zero Day Vulnerability What Is It

Computer software is often prone to attacks. This could be due to internal or external reasons. One of such attacks is caused by a security hole which is then exploited by hackers. A zеrо dау vulnerability is a hоlе in computer ѕоftwаrе thаt iѕ not fixed by the vеndоr. When hackers find this hole, they take advantage of it — thiѕ еxрlоit is саllеd a zеrо dау attack.

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Google Phishing Attack: Security Experts’ Analytics and Predictions

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Google phishing attack - Spinbackup

The Internet blew up with the latest news about Gmail phishing attack. You have probably read tons of material about this issue and how sophisticatedly it was organized. However, all of this news has likely left you frustrated and without a satisfactory answer to these three questions:

  1. What was the goal?
  2. What can we expect?
  3. What should we do next?

Our security experts give the answers.

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Google for Education: 3 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Backup and Security

Google for Education backup

When it comes to the education sector, reliable software is a key factor to ongoing success. With modern platforms and applications such as G Suite, students and teachers alike can benefit from the scalability and reliability it offers. However, security and backup are both crucial to its success, which is why Google for education backup services are so popular. Let’s take a closer look at why reliable backup and security solutions are so important for Google users.

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Cybersecurity Landscape

Cyber security landscape

Cyber crimes may target absolutely any person or organization that uses Internet. The only perfect solution to avoid an attack by a cyber criminal is to simply switch off your computer. However, both progressive business environments and modern lifestyles require a permanent presence on the web from organizations and individuals, and users have to increase their cyber security awareness, and this is where the Cybersecurity Landscape data will be helpful.

To give you the comprehensive picture of the cybersecurity world, we created simple but meaningful pictures followed by our security experts’ comments. We covered four of the most high-profile areas of cyber crimes: number of attacks, crime targets, spending on cybersecurity, and cyber risk management.

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Spinbackup for Business: G Suite Data Protection for SMBs, Educational and Enterprise Organizations

Spinbackup for Business G Suite Data Protection

Data loss and data leak disasters caused by both outsider and insider threats happen a lot more frequently than most organizations realize. In fact, over 50 data records are stolen every second. Even more records are accidentally deleted, and in many cases, users may not realize that some critical files or messages have been deleted until many months or years later. These two problems go hand in hand and every year become even more interdependent. To fight both of them efficiently and effectively, organizations need a comprehensive solution that protects from both problems at the same time.

If you use G Suite within your organization, Spinbackup is one of the most comprehensive data protection solutions available on the market. Spinbackup combines cybersecurity and disaster recovery features while protecting you from data leak and loss in one dashboard. Additionally you get one support and one invoice in the same place.

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Google DLP vs Spinbackup Data Protection – What Is the Difference?

Google DLP & Spinbackup Data Protection

Google has recently extended its DLP features from Gmail to Drive. Spinbackup, a Cloud Cybersecurity solutions provider for G Suite that focuses on securing company’s business data stored at the Google ecosystem, has recently announced new Data Protection solutions for G Suite as well. What is the difference between these solutions? Which is better, original Google DLP or independent Spinbackup security service?

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Spinbackup Data Protection: What Is It?

Spinbackup Data Protection What Is It

You have probably read about recently updated Google DLP for Gmail and Drive, so now let us introduce you the Spinbackup data protection solution that perfectly adds significant value to Google DLP.

Spinbackup Data Protection for G Suite is a set of security features to protect organizations of any size against data Leak and Loss disasters in the cloud by letting G Suite administrators back up their sensitive data, identify security risks, and fix them before they become a huge disaster. Spinbackup helps organizations gain more control and visibility over data security by providing an additional layer of protection from third-party apps connected to their G Suite account, insider threats, and sensitive data security beyond what Google can offer.

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Google DLP: What Is It?

Google DLP What Is It

Google is constantly improving its products and services in an attempt to provide the best security practices and user experience on the market. As a result, the company recently extended its DLP (Data Loss Prevention) services for Gmail and Google Drive for enterprise organizations.

Google Data Loss Prevention is a set of automated functions that monitor Gmail and Google Drive items for triggers (specific content defined by domain administrator), detect it, and prevent it from being maliciously or accidentally leaked or lost.

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