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Spinbackup is Honored with Two IT Security Software Awards

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Spinbackup is Honored with Two IT Security Software Awards

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FinancesOnline – a popular business review directory where people can compare products, and read customer reviews – has honored Spinbackup with two prestigious awards.

As a service with a well-designed and easy to use interface, Spinbackup has received the Great User Experience 2016 ​certificate for their IT security software category. As a new SaaS product that is efficient despite its young age, the company was recognized as a Rising Star of 2016​.

In the Spinbackup review, the platform experts give an overview of the solution’s main features and distinguish its several main benefits:

  1. Unique comprehensive package of data backup and cyber security services,
  2. Machine learning algorithm that speeds up and automates the security scanning and saves the IT administrators’ valuable time,
  3. Version control that gives the ability to restore the full account to a specific date,
  4. Smart Security Scanner that allows to determine employees’ abnormal behavior and insider threats,
  5. Third-party apps risk analysis that allows to lock and even delete the risky applications from users’ devices.

We are proud for being recognized as the important tool for every small and medium business cybersecurity. ​

“Spinbackup is designed to protect your data from data loss and leaks the stem from human errors, system glitches, and cyber attacks (virus, malware, hacking, etc.). In the event of data loss, Spinbackup instantly restores all your data within several minutes. The best part? Setting the system up is a breeze and once it’s running, you don’t have to worry about losing information or someone accessing and retrieving sensitive data from your Google applications.”



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