Automatic & Manual Backup of Gmail in the Cloud

All of us have certain daily habits and being human, there are good habits and most certainly, bad habits.

  • Brushing your teeth every day is considered a good habit, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, you can always get dentures. You will still be able to chew.
  • Leaving your home every day with the doors wide open would generally considered to be a bad habit, once again for obvious reasons. However, even if your furniture, clothing and personal items are stolen, they can be replaced and your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will likely pay for even better items.

Data is different. Quite simply, you cannot lose all of your data, go to the store and buy a precise copy of your lost or stolen data, which provokes the question:

Do you currently have a good habit for your data – or the opposite? One way or the other, you have a habit and for your own sake, let’s hope it is good. The only viable, good solution is to habitually create a backup. Ideally, it is automated and happens without you lifting a finger.

Spinbackup will do it for you and you won’t need to do it yourself every day as you do with brushing your teeth or locking your home. All you need to do is set up an account. Every day, your new ‘habit’ will work silently, protecting you from permanent loss.

Below are but a few examples of posts to Google product forums. Their personal data-loss disasters are instructive and it should be clear that you never want to be posting a similar message. These people had a bad habit of not backing up their data and eventually, and it caught up with them.

  • “Hi I make format for my mobile galaxy note android and install the old gmail account which Synchronized with contacts and all photos but nothing restore please advise.“

The above are but a few of the thousands of posts on Google Product forums from users who lost their data and now can neither retrieve their data nor receive help from Google.If they had used a habit to backup data, they would never need to post to these forums.  They’d still have their data.

Spinbackup is the bridge between the world’s two largest cloud service providers; Google and Amazon. It backs up Google’s Cloud into Amazon’s Cloud using original Google and Amazon API and as a result, prevents data loss disasters for Google users.

In short, Spinbackup safeguards Google user’s data protection and security.

Spinbackup never asks for your Google password nor does it share your email address or your data with anyone, ever. Data security is our #1 priority.

As soon as you create a new Spinbackup account  your data is in safe hands. Smart and secure data robots will automatically backup your data every day without disrupting your activities. These automated services are available for Gmail, Google+ & Picasa, Drive & Docs, Contacts and Calendar.  In addition, you can choose to manually backup, whenever you feel the need.

Protect your data.  Start a Good Habit, today!

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