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Minding the Data Protection for Individuals

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Minding the Data Protection for Individuals
Since we live in a digital world, we are so familiar with all privacy laws and its boundaries. All the news are full of caution not to be hacked, not to put easy passwords, and so on. Definitely, security is the top priority for brand companies to defend their critical data and reputation. Yet, we are more curious about if it’s important at all for individual users to care about hackers, or any other way of their data loss. We think we are securely swimming in the ocean of information where nobody needs exactly us, especially ‘our’ information, so why we should protect our data?

So here it is. Acknowledging  one recent IBM study, researchers tracked the number of cyber attacks and data breaches during the busiest shopping days (Nov. 24-Dec. 5) of the holiday season. For 2014, the number of daily cyber attacks dropped to 3,043, nearly one-third less than the 4,200 attacks during the same timeframe in 2013, while the number of breaches dropped more than 50 percent for Black Friday and Cyber Monday year-over-year. In 2013, more than 20 breaches compromised nearly four million consumers’ information, while 2014 saw only 10 breaches and 72,000 records compromised.
We pay by cards, we fill up the discount brochures within the holidays or fill up online discount forms, specify our online order interests with our personal address details – so here we are, ready to get hacked!
To defend against potential data theft and safeguard personal data we must begin adopting basic safety measures such as:
  • choose a strong passwords generator and don’t provide it to anyone
  • change your passwords every two-three months
  • check your data with antivirus and other system defenders
  • don’t share your personal data with untrusted  sources
  • and backup your data to keep it updated, saved and protected from loose
About the last one….Spinbackup is the only Cloud-To-Cloud Backup service provider for Individual users. Every individual can potentially be the victim of some hacker’s next major attack, so Spinbackup cares for its customers as we would care for ourselves.

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