How to Develop an Effective Cloud Strategy

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Effective Cloud Strategy Development

A poor cloud strategy includes everything from no planning at all to performing migrations to the cloud that are not organized or not carefully planned. This is why people even hire cloud strategy advisors to help them to form an adequate cloud plan. 

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Is Cloud Storage Safe From Ransomware?

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Is cloud storage safe from Ransomware?

Help! My screen shows a large red skull and says all of my files are locked! These are words that no system administrator or business leader wants to hear from anyone using a computer on their network.

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Sodinokibi Ransomware: Analysis and Protection

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Sodinokibi ransomware: definition and protection strategies

Sodinokibi ransomware has been known for some time, yet the attack on currency exchange Travelex brought this virus into the spotlight once again. Let’s find out more about Sodinokibi, how it works, and how to protect yourself from it.

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Ryuk Ransomware 2020: Definition and Protection Strategies  

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Ruyk Ransomware

The average ransomware demand continues to grow (up to $41,198 in Q3 2019, compared to $5,973 in the same period last year). One particular virus is to blame. We are talking about the Ruyk ransomware. This infamous malware shows: hackers are getting more serious than they have ever been before.

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Data Loss Prevention in Office 365: How to Protect Your Cloud Data

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Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

The cost of data loss varies greatly depending on a company’s size and industry. However, there are numbers to give you a general idea about the danger of data loss. According to IBM, the average data breach damage reaches as high as $3.92 million. And that’s just monetary costs, without taking into account dissatisfied customers and tarnished business reputation.

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10 Ransomware Examples to Stay Away From

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Ransomware note examples

Although at the end of the 2018 ransomware seemed to be slowing its pace on the cyber threat arena, 2019 has shown that this slowdown wasn’t anything but “the calm before the storm”.

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How Does Ransomware Work – All You Need to Know

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How Does Ransomware Work: Key Facts

The ransomware threat is huge, and it gets bigger every day. Chances are, it’s already affected you or someone you know, or will affect in the nearest future. Some estimates of the damages exceed one billion dollars, taking into account data loss, service outages, disrupted operations, and recovery.

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