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SpinOne Application Auditing Capabilities

Are all SaaS applications for G Suite safe? Unfortunately, no. Some apps may be fake and some have potential security gaps or other risks. But you need to ensure that the apps you use won’t lead to a loss of your data. And we are here to help you.  

SpinOne uses patented and proprietary to review and analyze over 60,000 apps from G suite Marketplace and in-house built apps. SpinOne’s Application Audit functionality helps you to check security, business, and compliance risks of SaaS apps connected to your G Suite environment. SpinOne helps with application whitelisting/blacklisting to ensure that apps are secure.

With SpinOne’s application auditing capabilities, you can see the list of all apps with access to your G Suite environment. Each app is granted a score based on its potential risks. Lower scores indicate apps with more risks.

SpinOne’s application risk assessment covers various security, business, and compliance risks. All assessed apps are marked as Trusted, Risky, and those that May have risk on the base of a score, assigned by the machine algorithm. This way SpinOne saves administrators’ valuable time, that they would spend analyzing each application separately. 

On the App Audit dashboard, you can sort your apps by category, score, or by the date, it was installed. By clicking an app from the list, you’ll get more detailed information about it. You can export this information for audit or compliance purposes. 

Also, you’ll see the risk assessment categories and how risky this app is.

Here’s an example:

Expanding each category will show you the possible business, security, or compliance risks. You can whitelist (mark as trusted) an app or move it to the blacklist. This will help you to ensure that only safe apps have access to your data. 

If one of the G Suite users tries to give the blacklisted application access to corporate data, SpinOne will notify the administrator about it to prevent a possible data breach.

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