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SpinOne Case Studies

  • SpinOne for art and entertainment companies

    How SpinOne secured working from home for an entertainment giant Meow Wolf after the COVID 19 hit.
    As COVID 19’s effects materialized through early 2020, Meow Wolf had to adapt to the pressing need for a proper employee WFH (working from home) environment. Like many other businesses in this uncertain time, Meow Wolf also desired cost-effective solutions to minimize their overhead expenses. As an enterprise-level Google G Suite customer, the company faced a significant challenge in finding a reliable method to backup data, maintaining the high level of security and compliance that their operations required, and utilizing a platform that was simple to use. Purchasing from Spin and setting up the service was convenient, as the service was very responsive and clearly communicated the value of SpinOne.
  • SpinOne for cybersecurity companies

    How SpinOne transformed and streamlined SaaS and SecOps operations for the network monitoring company LiveAction.
    With a rapidly growing global organization, LiveAction recognized potential problems with its data in the cloud. As a heavy user of Microsoft’s Office 365, the organization had documents in Sharepoint, OneDrive, across hundreds of user accounts spread around the globe. The IT team along with the SecOps team determined it was time to move to an automated platform that would regularly backup all files, provide for easy to recover, version controlled data and provide 24x7 ransomware protection. Also, in the event of a breach, the team wanted an insurance policy to help get the organization back on its feet.
  • SpinOne for private colleges

    How SpinOne helped Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts to secure their files from ransomware and data loss.
    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a California based private college offering quality allied-health and nursing programs. During the school year, an average instructor prepares about 30 lectures, which accounts for anywhere between $30,000 to a million dollars. The protection of these prepared materials and tasks for dozens of lectures is a top priority and a huge challenge for educational organizations
  • SpinOne for public universities

    How SpinOne helped Ryerson University protect thousands of G Suite users from potentially harmful third-party applications.
    Since 2012, Ryerson University exclusively uses Google’s G Suite for all official email communication and cloud-based collaboration. As a large-scale university with a significant base of employees and a diverse set of needs in the G Suite, Ryerson faced a significant challenge. The university needed a security service that could thoroughly evaluate third-party applications and provide actionable insight on which applications the university can safely whitelist for users.
  • SpinOne for large public universities

    How SpinOne helped one of the largest universities in the world to protect 150000 accounts from data loss.
    As one of the largest public universities in the world, this institution provides service to over 150,000 students, faculty and alumni. This organization is one Google’s largest G Suite accounts by users deployed and as such has unique challenges.With over 150,000 users it must seemlesly manage synchronization of thousands of different user permissions, a wide exposure to data loss and data theft and as a public institution is a notable target for ransomware. The IT team required a simple to use product that could scale across the vast amount of user accounts, handle data loss protection in bulk and provide ransomware detection and restore of any stolen or encrypted data.