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Here are a few cases from our customers about their experience of using cloud to cloud backup solutions for their personal life or business to prevent data loss disasters.

SpinOne for Small businesses.

How a small company can save $912 each year on Google Drive Backup.

I own a small company in Germany with a staff of around 26 employees. Since the number of accidental file deletion started to rise up to enormous quantity in our company I came to a conclusion - we urgently need a backup service to back up our sensitive data daily. According to my research on the market, the price of G Suite / Google Apps Backup for enterprise users starts from $3 monthly per user and even more. That would result in $936 yearly costs for backing up 26 G Suite / Google Apps users. I have access to the shared files of all my employees on Google Drive even though I am not the owner of every file. I realised that using SpinOne I can backup all shared files of my employees into one account. Since SpinOne account costs $24 yearly per user I successfully managed to save $912!

Sebastian, company owner

SpinOne against Crypt viruses.

How Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects you against TeslaCrypt virus.

A coworker of mine has recently been hit by TeslaCrypt Ransomware. All her files were encrypted with no hope of decryption unless she pays $500. She used sync and share apps to sync and all her files at another storage provider got encrypted. Truly nasty stuff. I've since started referring to Dropbox and Google Drive as "Sync service" providers and not backup. And I'm now quite paranoid to say the least since I keep EVERYTHING in Google Drive! So I was looking for solution in the case of all files becoming corrupted or deleted by a virus and got here to SpinOne. It's not just its reasonable cost, which is less than 500$ it protects my data by providing recovery feature in any corruption case.


SpinOne for journalists and writers.

Decrease costs on data you no longer use.

I’m an independent writer in a local journal. I have been using Google Drive as individual Google user for 6 years where I have thousands files. I recently noticed there are a lot of files that I no longer use and since my 100GB is almost over I have to upgrade to 1TB for $9.99 according to Google plans. I really don’t need 1TB. Why should I pay for what I never use? So I found a solution to back up all my data that is older than a year to a new backup storage at SpinOne and then to delete old files from my Google Drive. Finally I saved 50GB that I can use for my daily work. SpinOne charges me $3/mo for 50GB and Google charges me $2/mo for 100GB so totally I pay $5/mo. It allows me to save $60 per year and I am sure should be enough for the next 3 years which is about $180 totally - it’s a new Android Phone…:)

Stacy, writer.

SpinOne for professional photographers.

The best solution to protect against accidental photos deletion made by my colleagues.

I used to be the one who claimed I haven’t at one time or another accidentally deleted an image or lost an important file, yet so I negated the need to back up my photo libraries. I perfectly know that it was because of laziness, lack of time, lack of knowledge or sheer denial that anything bad will happen. And all that set of reasons prevented me from doing the most obvious thing – always back up my work. All the photosets include various priceless moments captured over the period of time. It’s not only the job I’ve done, it’s the life I’ve lived while making them. Since I realised that physical devices do not provide 100% protection for my critical photos the only thing I needed was a cloud storage. I had to turn this activity into my daily basic deal or need. Each day my photo library grows and you never know which of the photos would become that special for you. Because I frequently edit my photos in cooperation with my colleagues I had to find a solution that protects me against any accidental photos deletion. After a small research I found a definitely “priceless” cause it’s affordable and perfectly in compliance with my Google+ Photos such backup service as SpinOne. And even more than this, it can be set for an automatic schedule so there will be no need to waste time on doing it on your own. Finally I could relax because my precious memories are double safe.

Saddy, professional photographer

SpinOne for event managers.

It saves company reputation.

My job is very tough and easy-to-break from. I work in one of the most famous galleries in the west of London. I am responsible for world-known event organisation. I keep my event and contact information in my Google Calendar and Google Contacts. We have enough crafty competitors since contemporary art takes TOP exposition in the central Europe so our reputation means everything for us. If any of my precious data such as scheduled meetings, tasks, design documents was corrupted or just dissapeared from my storage that would mean the burst-up. In this case I will be ready to pay any price for just a small restore, just to peek at it, see the name, place, graphics. That’s why I started to look for some kind of solutions! I knew that my company wouldn’t appreciate my efforts to restore all lost data on their behalf. So I needed something secure but also easy to use since I’m not a tech geek, and only for one user - me. That’s exactly how I found SpinOne. Since that happy day, I am 100% sure that nothing can happen to our critical information. I can even backup many of my emails, calendars and export any event to another account whenever I need it to be done. It’s very simple and reliable!

Karren, Event Manager

SpinOne for HR Managers.

It protects me against cloud data deletion made by our employees accidentally or on purpose.

As an HR Manager, I’m also responsible for collecting and saving a lot of data when an employee leaves our company. Certainly, we have many agreements signed with each of our employee. But sometimes we face the issue that employees delete critical data at our cloud storage accidentally or on purpose. It’s impossible to monitor what exactly and when was deleted or corrupted in the cloud storage. That’s why it’s priore for us to have backed up data stored somewhere employees have no access to. So I got to know that eventually solutions exist. All documents have to be backed up. The SpinOne support team works very fast and I got all necessary information easily and quickly. I got to know how to backup, restore, even migrate entire account data to another account.

Christopher, HR Manager

SpinOne for Web Developers.

Triple protection: Git (version control system) - Google Drive - SpinOne.

As a web developer who uses GIT and version control, I prefer to have a copy of my project files at Google Drive and get an extra protection layer in the face of SpinOne that is going to back up my Google Drive files daily. It gives me a complete sense of control over my data.

Shane, Web Developer

SpinOne for Domain Administrators.

Save for keeping data of employees who leave the company..

As a Domain Administrator, I’ve noticed the chain of frequent transfer of employees in the company and so I needed to think how to utilize their data properly. According to our company internal policy we don’t remove data of former-employees because its our expertise. Keeping ‘dead’ accounts at our G Suite / Google Apps Domain cost $10 monthly per user. That results in extra-costs for the company. SpinOne looks like a bril solution that allows us to save up to $8 monthly per user since it provides a backup storage for $2/mo per user with 30GB. Taking into consideration a number of “dead” accounts we have to keep, we can save a lot of money every year.

Jerry, G Suite / Google Apps Domain Administrator

SpinOne for knowledge transfer.

On the first day at my new job as an Account Manager, I got to the point where I needed to use all emails and contact information of the previous employee to continue my daily work. Since this day started with a mess I took the trouble to transfer all my ex-colleague’s information into my corporate account. SpinOne made this process as easy as 1-2-3. Also, I’m very grateful that there is an ability to select not only application but each folders separately. Moreover, it gave me a clear understanding what the storage needs are before I was exporting the data into another account.

Daniel, Account Manager

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