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  • James Gerrard - Director & Financial Advisor at FinancialAdvisor.com.au, SpinOne Partner

    James Gerrard - Director & Financial Advisor at FinancialAdvisor.com.au

    Awesome product. The best one on the market to back up Google Team Drives. The interface is easy to use and the support staff is prompt and excellent to deal with. If your company needs data backup, this is it. You can also choose Amazon as the backup server and you can also choose Australian-based servers. Highly recommend!

  • Michael Sved - SpinBackup Partner

    Michael Svedeman - Senior Manager, Project Development at Invenergy LLC

    SpinOne is the greatest Google backup client I have been able to find on the internet. Getting it up and running was a breeze. Everything is well designed, intuitive, and - best of all - their product works flawlessly. I have recommended it to all of my friends and coworkers.

  • Alex Davidenko - VP of Operations at R-Zero Systems, SpinBackup Partner

    Alex Davidenko - VP of Operations at R-Zero Systems

    This service just works. A very intuitive interface is easy to manage, data is easy to restore. It gives you hints on things you never thought of, like if any credit card number that was shared or alerts if someone deletes excessive data volumes or copies them to their own drive. It shows potentially harmful apps in G Suite — extremely helpful as now I know who uses what and can easily check if there’s anything suspicious. And thanks to Arman from the customer support, who was very professional and helpful with a product demo.

  • Marc Mintz - Chapter Director at CSPCNM, partner of Spinbackup

    Marc Mintz - Chapter Director at CSPCNM

    As a leading IT consultancy, we have been using SpinOne for a year. It has saved multiple clients from disaster. I strongly recommend SpinOne for all of our Google clients as a necessary leg of the off-site backup strategy.

  • Kyle Zeller - SpinBackup Partner

    Kyle Zeller - Managing Shareholder at Zeller IP Group PLLC

    This is by far the best backup solution for G Suite. It's incredibly easy to set up and works flawlessly. Highly recommend this service!

  • Dunham Shalat - Director Of Development at Purveyors of Pop, SpinOne Partner

    Dunham Shalat - Director Of Development at Purveyors of Pop

    I chose SpinOne for our Team Drives backup after a lot of research of the competing services, and the number of features for the same price simply isn't matched anywhere else. Plus, it's been a fantastic experience thus far. Davit from the customer service helped me immensely when I overreached my data limits and had to shift some backups around. Highly recommend.

  • Louis Burdulis - SpinBackup Partner

    Louis Burdulis - Executive Vice President at Affinity Home Lending

    Great product, user-friendly portal, easy setup and fills a void that Google neglected to protect your data.

  • Steve Schlonski - president Goteamdogs partner of Spinbackup

    Steve Schlonski - Senior Systems Engineer at KBR, Inc.

    So far so good. We have our 5 most important Google Workspace accounts + Shared drive being backed up and about 6.5GB of storage used in total. I recovered several files to test out the response time and it was pretty good (~3 mins). I see the weekly summary report which is a great reminder that your product is quietly working in the background.

  • Danilo Schwabe - IT administrator ICF Church Berlin, SpinBackup partner

    Danilo Schwabe - IT System Specialist at ChurchTools Innovations GmbH

    We used Backupify before and switched to SpinOne because the interface responsiveness is way faster. Also, the interface to restore items is better and more intuitive, options easier to find, and admin roles easier to define. The so-called 24/7 support at Backupify is nonexistent, responses from support take up to 2 hours (for simple questions) whereas SpinOne replies within minutes, maximum hours. SpinOne is the solution to go for!

  • David Rapin - CTO & Co-founder at Linkurious, SpinBackup Partner

    David Rapin - CTO & Co-founder at Linkurious

    We chose SpinOne for its ability to back up our company's Shared (Team) Drives. It works as expected - simple to set up and use. We're very satisfied with the service.

  • John Hoelle - Family Attorney-Mediator at Conscious Family Law & Mediation, SpinBackup Partner

    John Hoelle - Family Attorney-Mediator at Conscious Family Law & Mediation

    Works in the background without a hitch. Easy to see what's happening and manage users. Haven't had a need to retrieve data yet (knock on wood).

  • Mike Cardoza - Founder & CEO at The Cardoza Law Corporation, SpinBackup Partner

    Mike Cardoza - Founder & CEO at The Cardoza Law Corporation

    Not only an awesome and intuitive product, but the PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE was a real time-saver and totally unexpected. Special mention to Arman A. for being Johnny-on-the-spot and answering questions and concerns. I'm sleeping well tonight knowing that my firm's G-Suite data is finally backed up in a place I can understand and access. Well done!

  • Casey Richins - Senior System Administrator at Fibernet, SpinOne Partner

    Casey Richins - Senior System Administrator at Fibernet

    I mostly exclusively use Google Drive to store my data and often worry that something can happen to the drives my data resides on. I looked for backup solutions for my Google account and was surprised to find SpinOne. While advertised as a solution for G Suite / Google Apps, it works wonderfully for my personal Google Account as well!

  • Alexey Skufati - Shipping Operator at UNIPEC America, Inc., SpinBackup Partner

    Alexey Skufati - Shipping Operator at UNIPEC America, Inc.

    I came to visit my relatives and show them a wedding movie. At this moment I revealed the video I'd uploaded to Google Drive was gone. But luckily I have SpinOne, so I have restored my video with a click of a button and played it to my relatives. I want to thank the developers of SpinOne! Once a month I receive a report and it looks for me like: "man you can sleep well, I've backed up all your data! Yours faithfully, SpinOne!” SpinOne looks like a reliable strongbox. Thank you guys so much!

  • Joe Lyons - VP of Services at CLD Spinbackup Partners

    Joe Lyons - VP of Services at CLD Partners

    I've been using SpinOne for a little over a year for my company's G Suite backups. At first, there were a few features/functions that I wanted but weren't provided by the service, but the support team helped me understand workarounds and roadmap to my satisfaction. They have since rounded out the feature set to include everything I need. The tool seems trustworthy and the support team is very responsive and helpful

  • Chad Smith - VP of R&D at Teleira, Partner of SpinBackup

    Chad Smith - VP of R&D at Teleira

    I've been using Spinbackup for 2 years now and have been very happy with their product. The interface is clean and intuitive and the service is seamless integration. The price is reasonable and support has always been very responsive and helpful.

  • Brenda Mat - SpinBackup Partner

    Brenda Mathisen - Founder and CEO at Achieve Vitality

    I found SpinOne after a 3rd party app had completely destroyed my Google Calendar, and it took me a full workday just to figure out what had happened & try to piece my schedule back together. Clearly not something I could allow happening again. This is the only software on the market that has all the features I need for automated backups, version control, and full security for my data. My G Suite is my life, and the time saved alone in not having to manage future data errors has already paid for the software many times over. I highly recommend it to anyone who uses G Suite for their business.

  • Georg Israel - SpinBackup Partner

    Georg Israel - General Manager at DLogic EU

    Great service. The system works flawlessly. In the event of any problems, they have a friendly and competent support team. It’s good to be protected by this service, but I still hope to never really need them.

  • Elena Martin - IT Consultant at LinkeIT, User of SpinBackup

    Elena Martin Maraver - IT Consultant at LinkeIT

    Very safe application. It allows us to manage roles by users and select what we need to back up data, quickly and safely. The technical support is always attentive and helps us with everything.

  • JC Tenney - VP of Software Engineering at Graduation Alliance, SpinBackup Partner

    JC Tenney - VP of Software Engineering at Graduation Alliance

    Excellent service, excellent product. This is the best backup service for backing up specific folders on your Google Drive. If you don’t want to back everything up, the interface is great and it just works. It lets me back up only the important parts of my Google Drive.

  • Mitch Cassidy - Ops at SLAMcore partner of Spinbackup

    Mitch Cassidy - Ops at SLAMcore

    A great addition to Google Workspace that has given us peace of mind with our data.

  • Donavon Yelton - manager Carpenter Indusrties partner of Spinbackup

    Donavon Yelton - Manager at Carpenter Industries,Inc.

    Switched from Spanning Backup to SpinOne as Spanning Backup let us know that we were backing up too much data. They had no way of dealing with this so their only recourse was to terminate our service. After looking around I settled on SpinOne and have been extremely pleased so far!

  • Duane Hooper - Individual user of SpinBackup

    Duane Hooper - Individual user

    I really love SpinOne’s user interface. Dynamically tracks and displays the status of each backup. I've tried all three major backup utilities (SpinOne, Backupify, and Spanning), and SpinOne is the most user-friendly. And so far it appears to be reliable as well, which is the most important attribute.

  • Carl Saad - SpinBackup Partner

    Carl Saad - Operations Partner at Diag Partners

    Great product with a user-friendly dashboard and a great Customer Support Team.

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