Pricing for Individual Google Account Backup

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Spinbackup for Home
50 GB Storage per user Protect your Google Photos (the most memorable moments of your life), personal Emails, Drive files, calendars, contacts against data loss disasters. Access your data anytime, anywhere. One-click fast recovery.
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    • Data Loss Protection
    • Automated Daily Backup to a secure cloud storage on AWS
    • Accurate Recovery
    • Services protected: Google Photos, Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts and Calendars
    • 24/7 Support

    TOP Frequently Asked Questions

    How secure is SpinOne? Can SpinOne access my backed up files as well?

    No, the files are encrypted both in transit and at rest. Top level 256-bit AES encryption is used to process and store your backed up data.

    How do I estimate my total backup storage needs?

    Once you’ve created a new Spinbackup account you will be able to see your Google storage usage to find out how much storage you need to back up your sensitive data.

    When do I need to upgrade my account?

    You can easily upgrade your account to more storage or user licenses on demand and at any time.

    Can I cancel my account?

    Yes, you may cancel your account at any time. Please note that as you cancel your account, all your data will be automatically removed from the Spin servers. To cancel your account, you need to send us a request from your dashboard. Also, keep in mind while you have cancelled your service, your payment will continue for the contract you signed up for.

    Can I delete my backed up data?

    No, you can’t delete your backed up data. This functionality causes data loss disasters that may occur due to the end user mistake or on purpose. If you need to save some storage space, don’t back up everything. Please use a selective backup option that allows you to back up your sensitive data only and save your storage space.

    Can I manage both Individual Google users and G Suite / Google Apps domain users at the same Spinbackup account?

    Yes, you can manage unlimited Individual Google users or/and G Suite / Google Apps (domain) users within your Spinbackup Account.

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