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Google Contacts Backup and Recovery

Keep your address book backup at SpinOne account

Take 3 Steps to Protect Your Google Contacts

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Create SpinOne account and grant it access to your Google Workspace

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Initiate backup and configure the backup schedule

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Step 3

Recover Google Contacts lost in cyber incident

Why Backup Google Contacts?

Google Contacts are integrated with other Google Workspace services such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and can be additionally synced with the contacts in a mobile phone. The synchronization goes in two ways, so the occasional deletion of contacts on your phone entails the deletion of Google Contacts. Google provides the possibility to restore contacts within 30 days of deleting them. However, what about after that? Backing up Google Contacts to independent cloud storage with secure data encryption and granular recovery allows you to keep all your contacts safe, giving you complete protection.

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For Business and Educational Institutions

G Suite / Google Apps Domain Administrators

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For Personal Google Account

Gmail or Domain Users

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2-Step Verification

Cybercriminals have developed complex techniques of password stealing. Secure the login to your account with two-step verification.

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Disable login with Google

This feature is the last layer of defense in case of account highjacking. Disable compromised Google account to prevent data loss or leak.

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OAuth 2.0

Access SpinOne with your Google account using OAuth 2.0. No need to invent and memorize new passwords. Leverage additional security and improved user experience.

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Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, SpinOne encrypts your data in transit, in use, and at rest using 256-bit AES algorithms.

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Phil Feidelseit - Individual User of SpinBackup

I’m more than satisfied with how SpinOne operates so far. Very lucky for me, I started using it a week or so before I completely destroyed my Contacts list. Everything restored with one click, no fuss!

Phil Feidelseit

Individual user

Chad Smith - VP of R&D at Teleira, Partner of SpinBackup

I’ve used Spinbackup for 2 years now and have been very happy with their product. The interface is clean and intuitive and the service is seamless integration. The price is reasonable and support has always been very responsive and helpful.

Chad Smith

VP of R&D at Teleira

Elena Martin - IT Consultant at LinkeIT, User of SpinBackup

Very safe application. It allows us to manage roles by users and select what we need to back up data, quickly and safely. The technical support is always attentive and helps us with everything.

Elena Martin Maraver

IT Consultant at LinkeIT

Duane Hooper - Individual user of SpinBackup

I really love SpinOne’s user interface. Dynamically tracks and displays the status of each backup. I’ve tried all three major backup utilities (SpinOne, Backupify, and Spanning), and SpinOne is the most user-friendly. And so far it appears to be reliable as well, which is the most important attribute.

Duane Hooper

Individual user

Marc Mintz - Chapter Director at CSPCNM, partner of Spinbackup

As a leading IT consultancy, we have been using SpinOne for a year. It has saved multiple clients from disaster. I strongly recommend SpinOne for all of our Google clients as a necessary leg of the off-site backup strategy.

Marc Mintz

Steve Schlonski - president Goteamdogs partner of Spinbackup

So far so good. We have our 5 most important Google Workspace accounts + Shared drive being backed up and about 6.5GB of storage used in total. I recovered several files to test out the response time and it was pretty good (~3 mins). I see the weekly summary report which is a great reminder that your product is quietly working in the background.

Steve Schlonski


Dennis Bijl - MacHelp CEO, partner of Spinbackup

Probably the best service for email migration and backup! Very fast speed, user-friendly interface, responsible support. They have made changes in their program (as I requested) in 2 days! That’s incredible! Strongly recommend this service.

Dennis Bijl

MacHelp, CEO

Val Pashchenko - IT Manages, SpinBackup Partner

At first, was skeptical however after using it multiple times this is a MUST-have tool for any organization that is using Google apps. Excellent product! Excellent service!

Val Pashchenko

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, IT manager

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