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Backup OneDrive For Business

Worry about losing your critical OneDrive data? SpinOne's OneDrive business backup solution will take care of all your documents, presentations, and sheets once and for all.

Backup Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business with SpinOne

Microsoft 365 is a secure data management suite, but does Microsoft backup OneDrive for business? The answer is, no. SpinOne is a Microsoft 365 cloud backup tool that protects your OneDrive data from critical data loss caused by internal and external threats, such as:

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Data deletion

More than 25% of data losses happen because of human error. If your employee deletes a shared file or folder in OneDrive, the recovery my be impossible without having a OneDrive data backup.

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The new generation of ransomware 2.0. evolved into targeting businesses' cloud-residing data. Having Microsoft 365 cloud backup will save you up to $75 000 due to the cost of the downtime or critical data loss.


Phishing and stolen credentials make it simple to brute-force your employees’ OneDrive accounts and delete or encrypt important files. OneDrive cloud backup is an imperative level of protection from such risks.

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Compliance fines

If your organisation needs to be compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, SOX or other regulations, having a secure Microsoft 365 backup is the foundation.

We keep you data safe on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

SpinOne eliminates the mentioned threats to your data and keeps it on the world-known cloud platforms. Our OneDrive online backup provides you with:

  • Automated Backup Icon Customizable automated cloud backup up to 3x a day
  • Fast Recovery Icon 100% accurate and fast recovery
  • Unlimited Storage Icon Secure cloud storage
  • Customer Support Icon 24/7 customer support
  • Top-level encryption Icon Top-level encryption for the strong security
  • Data Management Icon Centralized user-friendly data management panel

How SpinBackup Works

See SpinBackup in action.

Trusted by over 1,500 Organizations in 30+ Countries

More than 1,000,000 loyal individual and corporate users benefit from our backup and cybersecurity solutions.

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SpinOne's OneDrive Cloud Backup Key Features

Here is why Spinbackup is the best choice for your OneDrive backup:

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  • Customizable Automated Daily Backup

    You create new business-critical files every day. The best way to backup OneDrive is by having automated incremental backup up to three times a day to secure cloud storage of your choice - AWS, GCP, or Azure.

  • Deletion Control

    The Lost and Found folder provides administrators with lists of deleted data, providing IT admins with full visibility over deletions.

  • Folder hierarchy

    When you recover data with SpinOne, you keep the original organizational structure of all your OneDrive files and folders.

  • Different Versions of Files

    With Spin's Microsoft 365 OneDrive backup, you will never have trouble finding and restoring the needed version of a document, presentation, or sheet.

  • Fast Selective Recovery

    You can selectively recover specific files in seconds without the need to recover a whole set of backed-up data.

  • Fast Search

    We provide a fast and easy search for your backed-up items to help you recover lost data immediately using Admin Console.

  • One-click Data Migration

    SpinOne's Microsoft 365 OneDrive backup makes data migration from one account to another seamless and quick, making sure you haven’t lost any data along the way.

Our Customers About Us

Danilo Schwabe - IT administrator ICF Church Berlin, SpinBackup partner

We used Backupify before and switched to SpinOne because the interface responsiveness is way faster. Also, the interface to restore items is better and more intuitive, options easier to find, and admin roles easier to define. The so-called 24/7 support at Backupify is nonexistent, responses from support take up to 2 hours (for simple questions) whereas SpinOne replies within minutes, maximum hours. SpinOne is the solution to go for!

Danilo Schwabe

IT System Specialist at ChurchTools Innovations GmbH

Elena Martin - IT Consultant at LinkeIT, User of SpinBackup

Very safe application. It allows us to manage roles by users and select what we need to back up data, quickly and safely. The technical support is always attentive and helps us with everything.

Elena Martin Maraver

IT Consultant at LinkeIT

Donavon Yelton - manager Carpenter Indusrties partner of Spinbackup

Switched from Spanning Backup to SpinOne as Spanning Backup let us know that we were backing up too much data. They had no way of dealing with this so their only recourse was to terminate our service. After looking around I settled on SpinOne and have been extremely pleased so far!

Donavon Yelton

Carpenter Industries,Inc., Manager

Carl Saad - SpinBackup Partner

Great product with a user-friendly dashboard and a great customer support team.

Carl Saad

Operations Partner at Diag Partners

Duane Hooper - Individual user of SpinBackup

I really love SpinOne’s user interface. Dynamically tracks and displays the status of each backup. I've tried all three major backup utilities (SpinOne, Backupify, and Spanning), and SpinOne is the most user-friendly. And so far it appears to be reliable as well, which is the most important attribute.

Duane Hooper

Individual user

Dennis Bijl - MacHelp CEO, partner of Spinbackup

Probably the best service for backup and email migration! Very fast speed, user-friendly interface, responsible support. They have made changes in their program (as I requested) in 2 days! That's incredible! Strongly recommend this service.

Dennis Bijl

MacHelp, CEO

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Add to Your OneDrive Backup Top-Notch Ransomware Protection

95% of cloud backups are not immune to the new generation of ransomware. That is why our platform also provides ransomware protection services for your OneDrive cloud backup.

See How Ransomware Protection Works In Action!

Your Microsoft 365 Data Security Is Our Top Priority

We guarantee that your data is kept safe and secure. Here you can get a more detailed overview of SpinOne’s Microsoft 365 cloud backup security practices.

  • SOC2 (Type 2) Logo SOC2 (Type 2)
  • OAuth 2.0 Logo OAuth 2.0
  • GDPR Logo GDPR
  • AES 256 Data Encryption Logo Data Encryption
  • EU-US Privacy Shield Logo EU-US Privacy Shield
  • Service Level Agreement Logo Service Level Agreement

Learn More About OneDrive Data Security

Take a deeper dive into OneDrive cloud backup and security nuances with our guides and other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OneDrive a backup?

No, OneDrive is cloud-based storage where you can keep your files, but its functionality and security are too limited to be considered as a backup solution. 

How to backup OneDrive for Business?

You can backup OneDrive for Business accounts only by using specially designed OneDrive backup and restore services, both on-premises or cloud-to-cloud ones.

How secure is OneDrive?

OneDrive provides a good level of security if you configure Microsoft 365 security policies. But these policies can’t protect your data from ransomware, cyberattacks, or permanent file deletions.

Is OneDrive safe for sensitive documents?

Individual users have a secure option for sensitive documents called Private Vault. But OneDrive for Business accounts don’t have this option and aren’t approved for storing sensitive data.

How to backup to OneDrive?

OneDrive can hardly be used as a backup for your data. Copying your files from one OneDrive to another can’t be called a backup as well since this other OneDrive is susceptible to the same threats as the original one.

How secure is SpinBackup?

SpinBackup uses the most advanced technologies to protect your data. We provide a secure 256-bit AES encryption for transferring and storing your data. Spinbackup is GDPR, EU Privacy Shield, and SOC2 compliant.

Can I configure SpinBackup?

Yes. Backup frequency, data retention, and other settings are configurable.

Will SpinBackup preserve data of a deleted Microsoft 365 user account?

No, you can’t delete your backed up data. The reason for this is because this functionality may cause data loss due to accidental or purposeful deletion. So for your data security sake we decided not to allow data deletion. If you need to save storage space, don’t back everything up, instead use a selective backup option.

How to backup Office 365

To back up Office 365, you need to use a third-party app. SpinOne has an Office 365 Backup solution for organizations.

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