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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for G Suite and Office 365

Protect your business-critical data from being permanently lost due to human error or a ransomware attack, improve GDPR or CCPA compliance, and meet local regulations. SpinBackup provides a daily automated backup to secure cloud storage on AWS, GCP, or Azure to reduce the risk of a data breach.

$3.9 million data breach cost

The average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million with companies paying $150 per lost record.

$20 billion global ransomware damage

By 2021 the direct damage from ransomware attacks globally will reach $20 billion.

$14.82 million non-compliance cost

The average cost of non-compliance includes fines settlements, legal costs, business disruption, and revenue loss.

Сloud-to-cloud backup vs on-premises backup

Compared to on-premises backup, SpinBackup takes integration, management, and hardware maintenance costs out of the equation, is available anytime from anywhere, offers multiple cloud storage locations, and better protection from ransomware.

  • No integration costs
  • No agent
  • Fast install
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SpinBackup is available for Office 365 and G Suite

Keep your SaaS data across the most important business apps securely backed up with SpinBackup.
Office 365

Backup Outlook, OneDrive, Calendar, Contacts, and SharePoint.

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Backup Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar, Sites, and Shared (Team) Drives.

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Why SaaS data backup must be part of your disaster recovery strategy

  • Employees deleting a key file accidentally or on purpose
  • SaaS provider outages
  • Unexpected costs for IT, legal, penalties
  • Hacker attacks
  • A malicious app deleting sensitive data
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Reputational risk
  • Business interruption
Automated daily backup

We alleviate admins of a tedious duty of having to regularly back up data. With SpinBackup you will have the data across all your key apps backed up automatically three times a day without any manual intervention.

99,99% accurate recovery

User error, ransomware attacks, malicious insiders – in case of a data breach, our SLA guarantees 99,9% accurate data recovery. Your data will get back exactly where it was before with the same folder hierarchy

Multiple cloud storage locations

Unique among our competitors, SpinBackup provides extremely flexible storage configuration options. You can choose between Google GCP storage, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS S3 or your custom storage.

One-click data migration

When an employee leaves or changes their role in your organization, you don’t have to pay to retain their licenses. Instead, you can transfer the ownership of data from one account to another one in just one click.

Fast and easy search of your backed up items

The process of data recovery is incredibly easy: you can restore individual files and file versions, certain folders or entire data. The search for backed-up items is intuitive and lightning fast.

Weekly & monthly email reports

With weekly and monthly reports delivered to admins regularly, they will be able to monitor the status of their protected data and see a list of activities that have taken place in their corporate accounts.

How to Calculate the ROI of Backup Software

Even with a single data loss event, the ROI of backup and recovery software proves to be well worth the cost.

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SaaS data protection guide

Learn what security measures you need to take to get peace of mind that your SaaS data is safe.

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