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Ransomware Protection for Office 365 and G Suite

Get a fully automated protection of your sensitive SaaS data against RansomCloud, the major cybersecurity threat for business data living in the cloud.
$12 B in global damage

In 2019 the direct damage from ransomware attacks globally exceeded $12 billion. By 2021, it will reach $20 billion.

$133,000 cost of an attack

The average cost of a ransomware attack on business.

56% of all malware

Ransomware accounts for over half of the reported malware incidents.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a special type of malware that attackers use to encrypt data, which prevents you from accessing it. The only way to unlock the data is by paying a ransom. This, however, doesn’t guarantee that the data will be released.

How ransomware will evolve in 2020

Why is Ransomware Protection a must-have part of your Disaster Recovery strategy?

Here is the list of the top risks companies experience after the ransomware attack.
Employee downtime
Business interruption
Mission-critical data loss
Sensitive data leak
Unexpected cost for paying the ransom
Reputation risk
Unexpected IT costs
Fines and penalties

SpinSecurity for G Suite or O365

The best-in-class AI-powered and fully automated protection for your Outlook messages, OneDrive files, SharePoint items, Google Drive, or Shared (Team) Drive files against ransomcloud attacks. We want you to focus on the most important tasks while we take care of your sensitive data in the cloud.

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SpinSecurity monitors your SaaS environment (G Suite or O365) 24/7 for any type of ransomware attacks. It detects ransomware with 99,9% accuracy, stops it from spreading further, identifies the number of encrypted files, sends alerts to admins, and runs a granular recovery of the encrypted files. The whole process is automated and requires zero human intervention.
Detect a ransomware attack

Our AI algorithms sift through a tremendous amount of data looking for ransomware patterns 24/7. If an anomaly has occurred, an administrator will receive an alert immediately.

Stop the encryption process

Once the attack is detected, the system will identify the attack source and block it, so no new files are encrypted. Then, we revoke access to the sync app that is causing the encryption process in the cloud. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Identify encrypted files

We perform a full scan of your data to locate any files that have been affected while the ransomware stopping process was occurring.

Recover files automatically

The granular recovery process will start to restore the previously backed up versions of your damaged files without disrupting the folder hierarchy. You don’t need to manually recover the required version of the file – the system will do it for you.

Did you know?

SpinOne’s our backup services are tied with the ransomware protection features. Both services are essential for full protection.

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Ransomware protection is available for G Suite and Office 365

The popularity of SaaS apps such as G Suite and Office 365 makes them a favorite target for cybercriminals. SpinSecurity provides a fully automated cloud data protection for the world’s most popular SaaS services.
Office 365

As ransomware becomes more sophisticated, you need SpinSecurity to ensure all-time protection. We will take care of your Outlook messages, OneDrive files, and SharePoint items.

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G Suite

Your Google Drive or Shared Drives can be at risk if you don’t implement an extra protection layer. With SpinSecurity you protect your data from existing and future ransomware attacks.

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The most accurate method to fight with ransomware in the cloud

From our research at Spin Technology, we’ve come to the conclusion that analyzing file behavior is the best way to stop ransomware attacks.

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Enterprise ransomware prevention guide

As ransomware threats and capabilities continue to evolve, enterprise companies need to protect their cloud environments. Learn how exactly.

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