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Google Drive Backup and Recovery

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3 Easy Steps to Google Drive Daily Protection

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Why Backup Google Drive?

While Google Drive is a great cloud storage platform for both businesses and individual users, it’s not without its security issues.

Did you know...
Any file permanently deleted from Google Drive is not reversible.

According to Google Drive’s deletion policy, “after the file has been deleted from Google’s systems, it’s “gone forever.”

Any shared file loss access at Google Drive is not reversible.

Google Drive’s policy also outlines that “to restore a file from the trash that you don’t own, you need to contact the owner of the file.”

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How to Backup Google Drive?

This How to for business provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to automatically backup Gmail data on a daily basis with SpinOne.

Backing up your Google Drive files with SpinOne solves all these issues. SpinOne allows you easily restore files removed from trash, restore access to your shared files and restore last version of your file.

SpinOne lets you restore a deleted Google docs backup within single seconds. Also it provides an ability to recover an owner-deleted document – even if you’re not the document owner.

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For Business and Educational Institutions

G Suite / Google Apps Domain Administrators

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2-Step Verification

Cybercriminals have developed complex techniques of password stealing. Secure the login to your account with two-step verification.

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Disable login with Google

This feature is the last layer of defense in case of account highjacking. Disable compromised Google account to prevent data loss or leak.

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OAuth 2.0

Access SpinOne with your Google account using OAuth 2.0. No need to invent and memorize new passwords. Leverage additional security and improved user experience.

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Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, SpinOne encrypts your data in transit, in use, and at rest using 256-bit AES algorithms.

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Alexey Skufati - Shipping Operator at UNIPEC America, Inc., SpinBackup Partner

I came to visit my relatives and show them a wedding movie. At this moment I revealed the video I’d uploaded to Google Drive was gone. But luckily I have SpinOne, so I have restored my video with a click of a button and played it to my relatives. I want to thank the developers of SpinOne! It looks like a reliable strongbox. Thank you guys so much!

Alexey Skufati

Shipping Operator at UNIPEC America, Inc.

JC Tenney - VP of Software Engineering at Graduation Alliance, SpinBackup Partner

Excellent service, excellent product. This is the best backup service for backing up specific folders on your Google Drive. If you don’t want to back everything up, the interface is great and it just works. It lets me back up only the important parts of my Google Drive.

JC Tenney

VP of Software Engineering at Graduation Alliance

John Hoelle - Family Attorney-Mediator at Conscious Family Law & Mediation, SpinBackup Partner

Works in the background without a hitch. Easy to see what’s happening and manage users. Haven’t had a need to retrieve data yet (knock on wood).

John Hoelle

Family Attorney-Mediator at Conscious Family Law & Mediation

Marc Mintz - Chapter Director at CSPCNM, partner of Spinbackup

As a leading IT consultancy, we have been using SpinOne for a year. It has saved multiple clients from disaster. I strongly recommend SpinOne for all of our Google clients as a necessary leg of the off-site backup strategy.

Marc Mintz

Steve Schlonski - president Goteamdogs partner of Spinbackup

So far so good. We have our 5 most important Google Workspace accounts + Shared drive being backed up and about 6.5GB of storage used in total. I recovered several files to test out the response time and it was pretty good (~3 mins). I see the weekly summary report which is a great reminder that your product is quietly working in the background.

Steve Schlonski


Donavon Yelton - manager Carpenter Indusrties partner of Spinbackup

Switched from Spanning Backup to SpinOne as Spanning Backup let us know that we were backing up too much data. They had no way of dealing with this so their only recourse was to terminate our service. After looking around I settled on SpinOne and have been extremely pleased so far!

Donavon Yelton

Carpenter Industries,Inc., Manager

Alex Schaap - SpinBackup Individual User

I was afraid of ransomware which can not only affect my PC but my Google Drive as well. Backing up with SpinOne’s ransomware protection once a week helps me avoid losing my files and photos. I can ignore paying ransom money, delete the encrypted files and start with a fresh drive in the PC and put my files back. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and the only way to avoid this nightmare is by using SpinOne.

Alex Schaap

Individual user

Val Pashchenko - IT Manages, SpinBackup Partner

At first, was skeptical. However, after using it multiple times I see this service is a MUST-have tool for any organization that is using Google apps. Excellent product! Excellent service!

Val Pashchenko

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, IT manager

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